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Take a Look at What This School Made Their Students Wear to Prevent Cheating. Is this Fair?





The average student will do just about anything to pass his exams. When studying just won’t cut it or he just refuses to study, he’ll resort to the dishonest way of getting the grade. In some places, teachers have to come up with drastic measures just to make sure the students won’t be tempted to look to others for the answers.

This school in Manila, Philippines did just that. The students at La Immaculada Concepcion School made their students wear this DIY anti-cheating device, which looks like two pieces of cardboard held together by a strap to wrap around a student’s head. It was reported that a student from the school took this photo of a class making use of the anti-cheating device while undergoing a test.

Try cheating wearing one of these.


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Sources from the school said that not all classes or sections practice this anti-cheating technique.

What do you think of this anti-cheating device? Do you think it will work? Do you think it’s right to make students wear this?


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