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When He Saw a Boy Being Bullied, The Next Day, He Did This… PRICELESS!

Little gestures can make a huge difference…

Bullying… an aggressive behavior used to intimidate or abuse others. This behavior is done habitually and repeatedly through coercion, threats, physical assault, or verbal harassment to assert domination over another.

Individuals who take part in bullying convey a manifestation of real or perceived imbalance of physical or social power. Most bullying incidents happen in schools where kids spread rumors or attack others verbally or physically or exclude someone from the group due to differences in race, social class, gender, religion, appearance, sexual orientation, reputation, personality, body language, ability or size.

This behavior is shown in different contexts and may result to positive or negative effects. Apparently, you may take part in bullying others, witness others being bullied or experience bullying in many different ways.

In this video, a young school boy was repeatedly being bullied by a group of boys because of the color of his hair. One kid saw how the bullies teased the young boy so he did a simple thing to stop them.

Watch the inspiring video:

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By the Time She Saw her Son’s Gift, She Can’t Help But CRY!

What an awesome surprise…

Our parents are the most significant persons in our lives. We won’t be here if not for them. We cannot ignore the fact that most parents would do everything to support their kids in helping them achieve a brighter future. Our success in life is the dream that our parents wanted see.

Along with that success, life would be happier and more complete if we have a good relationship with our parents or with those who made themselves responsible for our upbringing. When one is in good terms with one’s parents, it will create a special bond between the parent and the child.

While some parents are strongly independent that they do not oblige their children to give them something in return to their obligation, nevertheless, there would come a time when it is our turn to give or take care of them. We must remember that no matter what, parents should be honored and be provided help in the most possible way we could. Indeed they are the only parents we have in the entire world....

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Big Tipper Strikes Again. Leaves a Whopping $2,000 Tip On a $50 Bill!

Tips for Jesus strikes again!

This check will surely leave a server or group of servers with fat wallets and huge smiles after work! Apparently, the do-gooder took the “Parable of the Good Samaritan” to the most profound place of his/ her heart.

The Good Samaritan is believed to be behind the “Tips for Jesus” an Instagram account that show posts of different acts of kindness to the humanity. In their previous posts, followers of the account has seen several number of checks issued as tips to restaurants in insanely high amounts. Earlier this week, the anonymous tipper left an enormous $2,000 tip on a $50 bill after dining at a Tacolicious in San Francisco, California.

Regardless of who is behind “Tips for Jesus”, the anonymous tipper definitely made the new year of that server even happier. Apart from paying the $50.74 bill, the diner left the server of the San Francisco restaurant with a whopping $2,000 tip. The picture of the receipt was then found posted on Instagram which was confirmed to the San Francisco Chronicle as real by the staff member of Tacolicious....

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Man Builds a Mobile Tiny House, How Did He Fit Everything Inside? INCREDIBLE!

This tiny house looks plain, but wait till you see the interior…

Some people are fond of shopping stuffs every day until one day they would realize they have collected a lot of unnecessary things which are all piled up in the corner, cramped inside the bins or under their bed. Thus, SF Globe looked for ways to help homeowners consider simple living – away from junks and knick-knacks you don’t need after all.

Tiny living is a principle adopted by Chris Heininge who came from a family of skilled designers, artists and craftsman. For the record, his family has built and designed more than 100 houses in Arizona, Washington and Oregon. Most of their projects offer simple living experience which caught remarkable attention from old and new homebuyers.

Chris’ craftsmanship was influenced by the traditions and cultures of India, Macau, Hong Kong and Japan where he served as a Christian Missionary in his teenage years. He was greatly inspired of the beautiful and simple life of the Japanese people who do not overcrowd their homes with material objects....

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