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When He Saw a Boy Being Bullied, The Next Day, He Did This… PRICELESS!





Bullying… an aggressive behavior used to intimidate or abuse others. This behavior is done habitually and repeatedly through coercion, threats, physical assault, or verbal harassment to assert domination over another.

Individuals who take part in bullying convey a manifestation of real or perceived imbalance of physical or social power. Most bullying incidents happen in schools where kids spread rumors or attack others verbally or physically or exclude someone from the group due to differences in race, social class, gender, religion, appearance, sexual orientation, reputation, personality, body language, ability or size.

This behavior is shown in different contexts and may result to positive or negative effects. Apparently, you may take part in bullying others, witness others being bullied or experience bullying in many different ways.

In this video, a young school boy was repeatedly being bullied by a group of boys because of the color of his hair. One kid saw how the bullies teased the young boy so he did a simple thing to stop them.

Watch the inspiring video:

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Credits: eisakay

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