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50 Savage Anarchists Who Just Don’t Give a Damn About Rules!





There are rules and regulations that we really need to follow day by day. But as the infamous line says, “rules are made to broken.” This one here is a symbol of rebellion, though it can sometimes mean progress and creativity. Because in one way or another, we all have to push certain boundaries.

In our so-called “orderly world,” we’ve seen a lot of people break rules after rules. Be it in school, work, public places, or even in private establishments – people just don’t give a damn sometimes.

Just like these anarchists.

These are people who managed to break free from the system – even for a brief moment. But the coolest thing here is the fact that they did it in very hilarious ways.

Go check them out below!

#1. This woman just don’t give a sh*t or two.

#2. This dude right here.

Source: hakon_dale
#3. Remember when things heated up in college?

Source: theedjman
#4. What to do when government says you can’t install a garage? Simple: Install.

Source: Erik Vekeman
#5. I heard conservatives were burnt.

Source: notautobot
#6. Pure rebels.

Source: SlimJones123
#7. Because why not?

Source: Blazer3011
#8. The day a badass was born.

Source: punkemon80
#9. Yes, even Hugh Jackman.

Source: Hugh Jackman
#10. Savagery at its finest.

Source: Chicaben
#11. Because 3D Art is nothing.

Source: jimmsalts
#12. This kid deserves an A+.

Source: supersammy00
#13. Guy Standing.

#14. Some anarchists just inspire you.

Source: Reddit
#15. Quadrupled anarchy.

Source: Reddit
#16. This young boy totally gets it.

#17. There’s nothing you can do.

#18. Literally.

Source: Lobbandy
#19. Cameraman has no cool.

#20. What luck? That’s not true.

Source: gumzilla
#21. Just do it.

Source: natefillion
#22. I’m old enough, mom.

Source: drteq
#23. ‘Jobs’ well done!

Source: arbili
#24. Sexiest sin ever.

#25. Who says censorship is needed?

Source: buckets41
#26. There are times you just don’t give a ‘F’ anymore.

Source: KX321
#27. Well, this is something…

#28. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Source: discofudge
#29. When your son tries to ‘forget’ not wearing a green shirt on picture day.

#30. I’ll make my own rules then.

#31. This guy knows what needs to be done.

Source: throatfrog
#32. When you convince your brother to rebel against the Crown.

Source: TonyRuffz
#33. No one can control this dude’s appetite.

#34. Even on a wheelchair, it’s hard not to break the rules.

#35. What a class act, kid.

Source: mjselvig
#36. Because it needs to.

#37. You wanted a bite, eh?

Source: lubkin
#38. What rules? There are no rules.

Source: Triseult
#39. Even if you beg for it.

Source: MrMikeHunt
#40. Introducing the absolute madman.

Source: Bropacalypse
#41. Consistency.

Source: dickbutt13
#42. Yes, sir. You totally get it.

#43. Bee rules are for rookies.

#44. Bills infinity…

#45. This pizza place rocks.

Source: sw337
#46. What’s wrong with being a dolphin?

Source: guustavooo
#47. An anarchist was born.

#48. He literally did it.

Source: Yoshi_IX
#49. Rubber boots, you say? F**k ’em.

Source: ajrawings
#50. This guy deserves a trophy.

Source: Cosmic_Cool

So what do you think about this compilation? Are you an anarchist yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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