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Rude Tourist Gives Monkey The Middle Finger And Gets Instant Karma!





Monkeys are intelligent animals. They are pretty much like humans — they get excited, happy and sometimes, agitated. We are not sure what extremely provokes monkeys to act the way they do when they become violent but we are guessing, one of the reasons is showing a middle finger in front of them.

In this video we found, a man was seen passing by a street with his companion. They saw a Shimla monkey and stopped in front of it. When the monkey noticed that he got the attention of the man, it suddenly jumped atop its cage and flashed a wide grin.

But then the man, instead of being nice to the primate, rudely pointed a middle finger in front of it. Obviously, the monkey did not like it and did this…

Watch the monkey’s reaction here:

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Animals should be treated with respect and courtesy. Although no one should be happy to see another person get hurt, we can’t help but think at the back of our heads that that man deserved the epic blow of karma!

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