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Poor Toddler Struggles For His Life After Simple Cough Gets Worse In 24 Hours





If you’re a parent and you have the tendency to ignore your kid’s ‘simple’ cough, you might want to listen up. According to a father of a 3-year-old boy, such a common problem can actually lead to a serious, life-threatening condition – just like what his child experienced firsthand.

The reports tell us that Reuben Humphreys, who is 3 years of age, was rushed to a hospital in England and was left struggling for his life because of a cough that went horribly wrong.

Reuben ended up staying at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary intensive care unit.

Owner Humphreys, his father, is now warning other parents about the dangerous of croup.

In an interview, Mr Humphreys shared:

“Within 24 hours he went from a happy little boy running around on holiday to being in intensive care.

“I’m a dad and I had never even heard of croup.”

Several days before that, Reuben was enjoying a vacation with his family.

The concerned parents eventually rushed the boy to the hospital when his cough went from bad to worse.

Fortunately, Reuben’s condition has now improved.

Mr Humphrey is now hoping to warn other parents about croup.

Apparently, children who suffer from croup will experience “a distinctive barking cough, a hoarse voice, and breathing difficulties,” according to NHS Choices. The childhood condition is often caused by a virus that directly affects the windpipe, bronchi, and voice box.

The site further continued that the condition is “most common in children between aged six-months-old and three-years old” and is usually found in boys rather than girls. Most cases get cleared up in 48 hours but some can “last up to 2 weeks.”

Have you or your loved ones suffered from croup? Please feel free to share your experience in the comment section so more people will be aware about its risks.

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