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Poor Toddler Struggles For His Life After Simple Cough Gets Worse In 24 Hours

Now his father is trying to warn other parents to watch out for signs and symptoms.

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If you’re a parent and you have the tendency to ignore your kid’s ‘simple’ cough, you might want to listen up. According to a father of a 3-year-old boy, such a common problem can actually lead to a serious, life-threatening condition – just like what his child experienced firsthand.

The reports tell us that Reuben Humphreys, who is 3 years of age, was rushed to a hospital in England and was left struggling for his life because of a cough that went horribly wrong.

Reuben ended up staying at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria Infirmary intensive care unit.

Owner Humphreys, his father, is now warning other parents about the dangerous of croup.

In an interview, Mr Humphreys shared:

“Within 24 hours he went from a happy little boy running around on holiday to being in intensive care.

“I’m a dad and I had never even heard of croup.”

Several days before that, Reuben was enjoying a vacation with his family.

The concerned parents eventually rushed the boy to the hospital when his cough went from bad to worse.

Fortunately, Reuben’s condition has now improved.

Mr Humphrey is now hoping to warn other parents about croup.

Apparently, children who suffer from croup will experience “a distinctive barking cough, a hoarse voice, and breathing difficulties,” according to NHS Choices. The childhood condition is often caused by a virus that directly affects the windpipe, bronchi, and voice box.

The site further continued that the condition is “most common in children between aged six-months-old and three-years old” and is usually found in boys rather than girls. Most cases get cleared up in 48 hours but some can “last up to 2 weeks.”

Have you or your loved ones suffered from croup? Please feel free to share your experience in the comment section so more people will be aware about its risks.

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Woman Suffers Hives And Hallucinations After Wearing Popular Piece Of Jewelry

A mother starts suffering from symptoms of being on drugs after wearing a piece of jewelry. So beware of what you wear.

Donna Marie Padua



Not all that glitters are gold and not all cute jewelries are safe to wear. After you learn how a piece of jewelry almost destroyed the life of a mother and her kids, your fascination on accessories might just change. It’s not that you shouldn’t wear a piece anymore, but be extra careful of what you wear and don’t be deceived by the sparkles and shines.

Jo Wollacott from the United Kingdom began to manifest strange symptoms until she wasn’t herself anymore. Doctors who saw her were not so sure what was wrong with her, but they were reportedly convinced that she was on drugs. Jo explained:

“I was also in hospital for a few days with hallucinations — I did not know what was going on…Doctors could not work out what was wrong with me. They did not know what medication to put me on.”

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3,800-Ft-High Glass Walkway in China ‘Cracks’ When Tourists Walk On It

Who thought of this?!




You may have heard of China's hanging glass skywalk in the East Taihang Mountains, Handan City, in north China's Hebei Province. The glass bridge is suspended 1,180 meters above sea level, and it stretches 266 meters in length. Walking on the famous attraction and structure is already scary in itself, so the thought of it cracking beneath your feet is surely beyond terrifying.

In perhaps the cruelest of marketing ideas, the management of the glass skywalk thought it would be fun to add a shattering glass special effect, complete with cracking sounds, to the already horrifying experience.

A video of a tour guide freaking out after seeing the special effects recently went viral.

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Man Fed Up Of Nagging And Controlling Wife, Lived Secretly In The Woods For Ten Years

A man left his controlling wife and lived secretly in the woods. You will be surprised though on how fed up he was with his wife after knowing how long he managed to stay away from home.

Donna Marie Padua



Marriage can become complicated, most especially when you got yourself a partner who nags at you all the time for even the tiniest reason. So before you jump into a lifetime commitment, make sure that you are compatible with your partner so you won’t have to live a life of a dead person just like how Malcolm Applegate did when he decided to run away from his marriage.

Let’s be fair and admit it that not all husbands are cruel. There are also those who do everything they can to please their spouses. There are men who can stretch their patience to the fullest just so they can live up with the ways of their wives, but they also have their limits that can make them quit when the nagging already becomes impossible.

This man can finally say he's living a better life after he ran away from home a decade ago.

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