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Researchers Just Proved That Planet Nine Exists In Our Solar System

Unlike Pluto, this new planet is 10 times larger than Earth!






After years of conducting study, Spanish researchers have finally acquired new evidence supporting the possible existence of an unknown planet. Not only is it part of the Solar System, it is quite huge, too.

Planet Nine is reportedly positioned in the furthest part of the Solar System. The first piece of evidence uncovered by the researchers at Caltech involved the behavior of the TNOs (Trans-Neptunian Objects). This refers to how the orbits of the TNOs (Trans-Neptunian Objects) were interestingly distributed in certain directions.

Researchers have acquired new evidence supporting the existence of Planet Nine.

Source: IFLScience

This was first proposed in January last year. However, the researchers had to put aside the claim in order to gather more evidence. Later on, another group of researchers suggested that the TNOs be checked again due to “observational biases.”

A study published by the University of Madrid details the use of a brand new technique in studying distant objects in the outer space. This technique, albeit unknown, was utilized by the Spanish researchers to gather evidence of Planet Nine.

A new technique in studying distant objects in outer space was proposed to help in gathering evidences for the new planet.

This led to the discovery of the so-called Extreme Trans-Neptunian Objects (ETNOs), which are 150 times further from the Sun than the Earth. Apparently, they do not cross Neptune’s orbit. The researchers explained that to achieve the best possible measurement, the nodes of the ETNOs were used.

Nodes, in their most organic form, are two points where a celestial body’s orbit crosses the Solar System’s plane. The exact positions of these nodes, however, depends on various factors such as shape and size of the objects.

The first piece of evidence was acquired January of last year, but was immediately overruled.

These nodes were then studied by the researchers for 24 smaller objects and 28 ETNOs. They learned that the nodes were only allowed to orbit in certain ranges from the Sun, though they all appeared to correlate with each other. This is actually surprising, as no correlation should have happened.

If the ETNOs are similar to the comets – the ones that interact with Jupiter – dynamically, then these results could be interpreted as evidence of a new planet. The latter is even said to be interacting with these ETNOs in a distance range of between 300 and 400 AU (Astronomical Units).

The ETNOs interact with Planet Nine from a distance ranging between 300 and 400 AU.

The research further suggests that Planet Nine can be 10 times larger than Earth and is said to be 600 to 700 AU from the Sun. Furthermore, the researchers proposed the notion that a Planet Ten exists and has the same size as Mars.

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Object From Earth Brought To Space By Chinese Researchers Using Quantum Teleportation

Teleportation in the form of quantum entanglement? That is mind blowing!




Human beings have always been curious about life outside the planet. There seems to be that force that pulls people into venturing the universe no matter what the outcome is. Case in point, researchers from China have just reached a new milestone, and this is unlike any other discoveries.

Believe it or not, the Chinese researchers were able to teleport (yes, teleport!) a photon all the way to “Micius,” a new satellite that is over 500 KMs above the ground. This is without doubt the very first time in history that an object has been brought into orbit using teleportation.

The researchers used teleportation in the form of quantum entanglement to transfer the object into space.

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Scientists Declare The Great Barrier Reef Dead At 25 Million Years

Rest in peace, Great Barrier Reef.

Angela Beltran



The Great Barrier Reef is considered Australia's national treasure as it once was filled with marine life, amazing coral reefs, and crystal clear waters. The incredible Coral Sea Wilderness has been declared dead by scientists at 25 million years old - ending its years of struggle and illness. However, locals claim that the reports of its demise have been exaggerated and there is plenty of life left in the world's largest barrier reef.

Reports said that the famous coral reef has succumbed to bleaching in 2016, leaving a stretch of dead corals. It was 1,400 miles long with 2,900 individual reefs and some 1,050 islands. With its total area, it is larger than the United Kingdom, with more biodiversity than all of the Europe continent combined.

The Great Barrier Reef

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Pull Down Your Zippers, the World’s First “Adult Service” Droid is Here

No more embarrassing human social interactions required to get the satisfaction you need.

Dondi Tiples



When you think of blow-up dolls, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the shady nature of their purpose. That is to say, they’re typically used to satisfy people’s sexual urges in the absence of a willing partner. Amazingly enough, these dolls are so popular that someone has stepped in and upgraded them to something better – robots!

Thanks to a startup company specializing in robots, your run-of-the-mill blow-up doll is now the world’s first “adult service” droid.

It’s a robot specially created for a specific use.

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