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29 Remarkable Showers You Wish You Could Go Home To Right Now





It’s easy to come up with design ideas for areas in your home like the bathroom or living room. However, for spaces like the bathroom, it can be a challenge to think of cool designs. Shower time can be a time for you to think and reflect about your life. It would be great to have not only a functional shower but a space where you can have a wonderful and relaxing experience.

Below are some of the amazing shower design ideas that you might want to use as inspiration. There’s a shower room that gives you a full view of the wilderness or the great outdoors and there’s also one that gives you a peaceful or zen vibe. If you’re up for some fun, why not go for a laser shower? And did you know there’s a shower that fits in your pocket? Check out these ideas below.

#1. Outdoor shower
#2. Elegant shower in the bedroom
#3. Cavern shower.
#4. Boat-shaped shower
#5. Stag shower
#6. Shower with ocean view
#7. Sun-roof shower
#8. Seven Streams Power Shower
#9. Skyline shower
#10. Shower with aquarium
#11. Color-phasing shower
#12. Cave shower with stunning view
#13. Shower with a view of the wilderness
#14. Heat-sensing shower
#15. Laser shower
#16. Space-saving fold-up shower
#17. Garden fountain shower
#18. Eighteen streams Power Shower
#19. Portable pocket shower
#20. Zen rain shower
#21. Obelisk shower
#22. Lovely stained glass-themed shower
#23. Pavilion shower
#24. Chandeliered party shower for six people
#25. Jungle-hemed shower
#26. Boulder tub zen-inspired shower
#27. Castle shower
#28. Rotating shower
#29. Shower pod

Anyone would love to spend time in the shower designed uniquely. Not only are they functional, but they are pleasing to the eyes. They also provide a new and fun experience of taking a shower. Not to mention, many of them gives you a sense of relaxation. Anyone who’s having a tiring day at work would surely rush home just to get a moment of peace in a brilliantly-designed bathroom.

Fancy anything on the list? Which one/s is/are your favorite?

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