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34 Reasons Why I’m Terrified of Australia

Mother Nature made sure that only the most badass humans can live in Australia!


Australia is a pretty great place to visit. The people down under are quite friendly, the beaches are a must-see for surfers, and the mix of cultures is fantastic. Despite all this, however, there’s just one thing that might deter you from visiting the land down under – its wildlife.

Australia is home to a vast array of animals that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in the world. And we’re not just talking about cute and cuddly marsupials like kangaroos and wallabies. We’re talking about these guys:

1. Pythons that can eat anything.

2. And are big enough to carry a wallaby out of the water.

3. They also like to go shopping, to the dismay of most shoppers.

4. Or go for a swim in your toilet.

5. But on most days, they just swallow other big reptiles. No biggie.

6. There’s actually a huge gang of snake species endemic to Australia.

7. And not all of them are willing to fly coach.

8. Aussie flying box bats are there to spread around diseases, too.

9. And if disease won’t kill you, a dingo might do the job.

10. Sharks also like to greet tourists and locals alike.

11. And they get all excited when they run into surfers.

12. Crocodiles are big surf fans too, and like to pop in to say hello.

13. They just like hanging out.

14. And by that we mean they can hang out literally anywhere.

15. But they’re still no match for our favorite slithery snakes.

16. Size isn’t a factor for Aussie snakes. The bigger, the better!

17. But don’t let size fool you because these tiny tics might just show you what they can do.

18. Speaking of creepy crawlies, you’ll go nuts with all the spiders in Australia.

19. Like the fennel spiders that can kill you with one bite.

20. And did we mention the giant swarms of soldier beetles.

21. And the biblical-level army of flies that come out in the summer.

22. Of course, we also have to mention the millipedes.

23. And the giant earthworms who prefer to go solo.

24. Mole crickets are there too, and they’re terrifying.

25. But not as terrifying as these brightly colored centipedes.

26. And there are cassowaries, which are giant flightless abominations.

27. Speaking of giant, there are also gigantic jellyfish in Aussie waters.

28. Don’t let size fool you, though. These Irukandji jellyfish are 100 times more poisonous than cobras!

29. The deadly box jellyfish can also be found in Australia.

30. As well as the blue ringed octopus, whose venom has no known antitoxin.

31. They’re pals with the marble cone snails, whose sting can literally leave you breathless.

32. Can’t forget the stonefish, one of the deadliest fish in the world!

33. And even if you avoid the animals, hail might be the one to do you in.

34. Or freshwater swimming holes filled with amoeba.

So you see, Australia’s more than just a popular tourist spot if you want to walk on the wild side. It’s an experience of a lifetime that, if you’re lucky to walk out of alive, you’ll remember forever!


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Now, there is this one dog named Pandora who inadvertently gave her dog parents a good chuckle. It was a normal day for Pandora - she was out in the backyard, digging like she always did when she was called back in. When she walked back into the house, her owner, Lucas Alves Magalhães, was in for a surprise. His eyes almost popped out when he saw what she was holding in her mouth.

What Pandora discovered was not a box full of misfortunes, in fact, it's something relatively harmless.

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