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An Old Man Collapsed in the Middle of a Busy Street. I’m so AMAZED at What Happened Next.





What stories are worth sharing for? Nowadays, any topic in the social media can go viral if you have enough reasons and resources to make it work. These so-called social media experts can basically deceive users through manipulation of the numbers seen in the post.  Yup, they also have their ways.  They call themselves social media engineers. This is the other side of the ingenuity of social media.  Such ways are only used if they have other intentions like utilizing it as a part of marketing campaign. I am not entirely sure if it is the bad side of social media but I know for a fact that as time goes by, this has become one of the reasons why it has been created.

However, there are also some wonderful stories in the social media that have gone viral because users simply like them and eventually share them.  Usually, these are topics that have connected to the everyday life of every person. If people can relate to what you post, it will become something that is worth sharing in the internet. And it will spread fast. I guess that’s one of the distinct benefits about social media, the world will easily know when one person do something good for others. And somehow, they instantly become an inspiration. Hopefully, this kind of stories will help us put our faith back in humanity.

Watch the video and be inspired to do good.

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Maybe we just need inspirations to take the small steps and make a big difference in this world. Simple act of kindness can be a good start. And small things can make you a real hero. This is one of the many good things that social media has brought us. We simply become more connected with everyone!

I hope you have found the video very inspiring. Please share so that others will know. Consider it as your small act of kindness!

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