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‘Raw Water’ is 2018’s Latest Dangerous Health Trend

Experts are warning against this risky health craze.


Drinking water is really important for us to stay healthy. In fact, medical experts recommend that we take at least 8 glasses of water each day not only to maintain balance of bodily fluids but also to control calories, energize the muscles, and more.

Needless to say, we mean clean water when we talk about this things. Sure, common sense would instantly dictate that but apparently, not everyone subscribes to that idea.

The ‘raw water’ trend has recently surfaced and it’s truly crazy.

What is ‘raw water,’ you ask? Well it is exactly what it is – untreated, unfiltered water.

In an absurd twist of things, raw water has become the latest beverage craze for individuals who are fearful about “what theu’re putting in our water”. The bizarre trend has caused people to spend up to $60 for less than three galloons of the said water.

Currently, the trend is popular among people who believe raw water is healthier.

According to some, many natural ingredients have been filtered out of water because of treatment process. As such, they believe we may be missing out on numerous health benefits.

Some individuals even swear by its taste.

Experts, however, are warning that drinking raw water can be seriously risky.

As scientific evidence has repeatedly proven, people could get parasites, E. Coli, and different viruses by drinking untreated water.

Live Water, a startup company, has been making money from the health craze.

And yes, as you can see, the refilling cost of raw water has since become ridiculously expensive. And it is “constantly sold out at a local grocery in San Francisco”.
Judging by its price tag and the countless health risks that come with it, I don’t think I’d be trying this trend anytime soon.

Well what do you think of this new health trend, folks? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


40 Times Grandparents Proved They’re More Badass Than You

I cannot stop laughing at #36.

They say life ends the moment you reach the elderly stage and that you got nothing else to do but play bingo. Well, actually, that's not true. Senior citizens nowadays have found a way to make their lives more interesting. And they have indeed crushed all the negative stereotypes thrown at them!

From using a hair dryer as a speed radar to baking the coolest cake, it is safe to say these grandparents are way cooler than us, the younger ones. To give you an idea on how badass they are, Elite Readers has compiled a list of the times grandparents surprised everyone with their coolness and creativity.

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Big Freeze in America and Canada Has People Posting Photos of Cracked Windows and More

Stay safe and warm, everyone!

North America and Canada are freezing and covered in snow, and the debilitating, record-breaking cold has been causing worry, danger, and inconvenience to many. Business and school operations have been shut down, events and festivities have been put on hold, flights have been cancelled, and some lives have been taken.

The dangerously low temperatures are expected to last for a few more days, and everyone within the affected states are advised to be vigilant and extra careful during this troubling time. If you're wondering what it's looking like in America and Canada's frozen areas, just see below some of the awe-inducing photos people have been posting on social media.

The Niagara Falls has become frozen.

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Penis Whitening Is A Very Popular Trend in Thailand

The treatment uses pigment-blasting laser for those who want to banish dark parts on their nether regions.

Everyone pretty much knows that everything goes in Thailand when it comes to surgical procedures. A country famous for its affordable surgeries ranging from breast augmentation to sex change, Thailand has become a haven for the vain.

Now there's another new procedure that those in Thailand can easily avail of - penis whitening. Yes, you read that right. The Lelux Hospital can now whiten penises, thanks to a pigment-blasting laser for men who want to banish dark parts on their nether regions. The clinic began offering the procedure after a male customer wanted help on the dark areas of his groin.

The hospital is now servicing more than 100 men a month with the procedure.

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