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Neighbors Call Cops After Hearing ‘Let Me Out’ Screams From Man’s House, Turns Out It’s His Pet Parrot




  • Neighbors of a Florida man called the cops after hearing a ‘woman’ scream “Help, let me out!”
  • Police officers arrived at the area and found out it wasn’t really a woman but an Amazon parrot.
  • The funny story went viral on social media.

One man from Lakeworth Beach, Florida has attracted some unwanted attention from his neighbors. The reason? The family living nearby heard what seems to be a woman, screaming “Let me out!” And so they contacted the authorities about it.

Eventually, several police officers arrived at the place to investigate about the alleged crime. Everything was caught in film via the man’s home security camera and the video later went viral on social media – for an extremely hilarious reason.

It wasn’t a woman after all!

In the viral clip, the man can be seen fixing his vehicle when the cops arrived. They then began asking him questions and much to their surprise, he responded to the queries with a hearty laugh.

He went inside his house and returned a few moments later to show them the ‘woman’ shouting for help.

Meet Rambo, an Amazon parrot.

Apparently, the source of the intriguing noise is nothing but his parrot named Rambo.

According to the man, the bird, who is now 40 years old, has been with him since he was a kid. He also revealed that he taught his pet to scream like that just to annoy his mom and dad. Little did he know that it would get him into trouble years later!

In a media interview, the pet owner shared he personally took time to go around the neighborhood to introduce himself and Rambo, following the incident. That way, he explained, future misunderstandings could be avoided.

Well fortunately, at least we know his good neighbors wouldn’t hesitate to contact the cops when they hear suspicious noises in the area.

Watch the video here to see how it all happened:

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