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Rainbow Freckles Are the Latest Beauty Trend And They Are Pretty

Rainbow freckles are the latest beauty trend that’s taking the internet by storm!


Freckles have always been perceived as a skin imperfection. Beauty aficionados cover them up with lots of make-up and creams just to hide them and have perfect, blemish-free skin. Last year though, fashionistas and beauty enthusiasts have started began to include freckles in their make-up.

Rainbow freckles are the hottest and latest beauty trend that's making waves!


This year, the girls have taken it a bit further with rainbow freckles. With the use of colored liquid eyeliners and liquid lipsticks, spots are applied to the existing or faux freckles where they are normally found: The cheeks, forehead and nose.

There’s no right or wrong way to apply rainbow freckles on your face.


It all boils down to how much of these cute spots you want to apply on your face.


Don't be afraid to experiment with the freckles you want to pencil in.

Don't be afraid to experiment with the freckles you want to pencil in.

If you’re a beginner to this kind of beauty trick, the best place to start is by following the natural path of freckles. That’s the cheeks just right under the eyes, a bit on the side of the nose and on the forehead. You can choose to use multiple colors or if you’re still afraid, go for a monotone hue that’s perfect on your skin.

You can choose to use colors or a monotone hue.

You can choose to use colors or a monotone hue.

You can also add a few glitters to your freckles to make them stand out and sparkle.


If you’re not ready to go full on rainbow freckles, pencil in only small, delicate spots on your face. You’ll instantly look cute and adorable. Experiment with the kind of look you want to achieve and that you’re comfortable with.

If before, freckles are considered blemishes, now they’ve become quite a trend that’s actually worth the try.

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