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This Postman Has His Own Ways of Dealing with Dogs on His Route. It was Brilliant!





Do dogs really hate postmen or is it the other way around? Mr. Cods, an Australian mailman, records one of his daily routines in delivering maild on a neighborhood. It is very amusing to watch on how he deals with each dog he meets in every house.

The video showed the different treatments he gave to the dogs. Before starting his daily routine, he already prepared a pack of dog food. He obviously used it to tame the dogs. With pleasure, he gave treats to the dogs that treated him nice. It was just so cute to see some of dogs that were already waiting for him while waggling their tales. And for those mean dogs, he chose to just laugh at them after inserting the letters into the mailboxes. At least, he did not get frustrated and irritated. In a way, he still treated them nicely. He was probably used to it somehow.

Caution: Contains profanity.

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Source: MrCods. Motovlogger

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