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Compelling Ad For Earth Hour 2016 Predicts A Hopeful Future And A Better Earth.





The world is changing fast and with this comes some disturbing environmental issues like climate change. Aside from its natural causes are those related to human activity. Hence, making us partly responsible for the destruction of our own planet and sadly, we also reap the wrath of nature.

In celebration of the upcoming Earth Hour 2016, Iris Singapore and World Wildlife Fund collaborated to produce one compelling environmental ad campaign with a tagline that says “The Future Starts Today.”

The video begins with an old woman in year 2090 narrating every significant year, event and actions taken by humans towards protecting our planet earth until it backtracks to the present (year 2016). Taking its inspiration from Benjamin Button, the video depicts an old woman transforming to her younger self while a footage is being played in reverse. It ends with a powerful message, claiming that 2016 is the year when people make history and take action to “change climate change.”

Watch the striking video below:

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Credits: Earth Hour

A far cry from the usual environmental ads, this one is a more positive and raw approach to shed some light about climate change including ways that we can do to save and protect the earth.

“Shine a light and take action against climate change.”

Earth Hour will be held on March 19 between 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in your local timezone.

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