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Funny Picture Shows a Raccoon Hitching a Ride on Alligator’s Back

That photo is unbelievable!


Richard Jones and his family were walking at Ocala National Forest in central Florida when a raccoon appearing to hitch a ride on the back of an alligator caught their attention.

Apparently, Richard’s son was attempting to capture images of the alligators but ended up startling a raccoon. In response, the tiny creature tottered into the water and found its way on the reptile’s back.

The funny picture snapped on Sunday morning quickly spread like wildfire in the Internet and has caught the imagination of social media users.

Speaking to local TV station WFTV,  Jones said: “I snapped a lucky picture right when the gator slipped into the water and before the raccoon jumped off and scurried away.”

“Without the context you’d think the raccoon was hitching a ride across the river. Pretty amazing,” he added.


Photo credit: WFTV

Who knows, this brilliant photo may  inspire Disney to come up with a movie starring these creatures.

Source: Mirror UK


An Orangutan’s Reaction to this Young Mother’s Newborn Will Melt Your Heart.

Switched roles: the orangutan becomes the spectator at the zoo!

Going to the zoo is an opportunity to see the wild animals and view how they act and live. We accompany kids for them to learn a thing or two, but sometimes, adults also learn something new during these trips. Usually, the animals behind the glass do not care about the people checking them out. As they see humans marveling at their existence every single day, they typically lounge around and act as if they had no visitors or people looking at them.

But in one particular video we found, the roles seem to have changed. When a woman carrying a baby in one of those swaddling wraps approached one of the cages, an orangutan eagerly tried to take a closer look and get a better view of the baby. We do not know if it is a mother too, but the reaction is amusing! It looks as if the woman and the orangutan are exchanging mommy tips or insights through the glass.

Watch the video here:

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Family Finds Their Pet Tortoise Who’s Been Lost for MORE THAN 30 YEARS

Manuela is the Almeida family’s pet tortoise. In 1982, she disappeared from their home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The family tried looking for her but Manuela was never seen again…until last month.

The family have come to accept that their beloved tortoise may have slipped away from their house during that time in 1982, when their house was undergoing renovation. They thought Manuela may have gone to the forest near their home in Realengo.

Earlier this month, the Almeida family was cleaning up the storage room. Leandro, one of the sons, took out a box containing an old record player and placed it on the pavement for the garbage men to collect. One of the neighbors said, “You’re not throwing out the tortoise as well, are you?”

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These Cats Needed Help But Their Humans Couldn’t Resist Taking Pictures First

These super cute cats were caught in sticky situations and they meowed and screeched at their humans for help. Normally, a loving human will rush to his pet’s aid but if you chance upon your cat looking as adorable as hell in his distress, you will rush to pick your camera and snap photos first.

I don’t think any one of these cats were in real danger so we shouldn’t point fingers at their humans for prioritizing taking pictures. We’re now thanking the humans for snapping those photos. These pictures are precious!

1. "Get off your butt and untangle me, human!"


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