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People Are Advised To Have Sεx With Masks On And Only ‘Do Positions Facing Away From Each Other’




  • Wearing face masks will ensure that no droplets will be shared in the bedroom.
  • They also warned against doing oral sεχ.
  • Self-pleasure, toys, and camera sεχ are the safest options.

The pandemic is extra tough for couples who don’t live together or singles who do casual intimacies because of the risks of infection via physical contact. People have to think twice before sleeping with anyone who are not locked down with them.

A health charity in the UK has a solution: wear a mask if you want to do it with a casual partner. Oh, and only do positions that will make you and your partner face away from each other.

Dr. Michael Brady, a medical director at Terrence Higgins Trust, agrees that “sεx is a very important of life” and that as the pandemic is still going, people have to find ways to balance safety and the need for intimacy.

The need for sεx should be balanced with health safety during the pandemic.

“As there are increasing concerns about a ‘second wave’ of Covid-19 your best sεxual partner during the pandemic is you or someone you live with. Having said that, there are ways to make your intimate life as safe as possible,” he said.

The organization warned against engaging in blσw jσbs and rimming, because these can put people on a higher risk of transmitting COVID-19. Studies have found traces of the virus in sεmεn and fεcεs.

Wearing face masks will ensure that no droplets will come out during vigorous moments.

“Mαsturbαtiσn, using sεx tσys and phone or cαm sεx are the safest options as they can be done without being in close proximity to anyone else,” the charity advised.

Oral sεx is also a no-no.

The group also stressed that people must make sure that those who will have little fun in front of the camera should not share images that can identify them (unless that’s what they want) and that they are not going to be pressured into doing something that will make them feel uncomfortable.

They also advised people to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer after the deed to reduce the risks.

As expected, this got mixed reactions online.

Some just find it hilarious and turned it as a joke.
A lot addressed the lack of intimacy of having sεx in the prescribed way…

Do you think anyone would actually follow this advice?

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