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Badass 14-Year-Old Boy Wrestles With Huge Snake From Under The Family Car

“Just a morning before school for him,” his father boasted after sharing the video online.

Mark Andrew





What keeps your teens occupied before going to school? Probably playing some online games or taking selfies and then sharing them on social media? Well, Oli Wardrope is not your typical kid.

This young boy from Seventeen Seventy in Queensland spends his time wrestling with a 2-meter carpet python under the family car!

Oli Wardrope, 14, wrestled with a 2-meter carpet python underneath their family vehicle.

In a video that recently went viral, the teen – merely 14 years of age – can be seen fighting with a huge serpent under their Toyota Cruiser – and he was doing it with his bare hands while laying on his back.

The video immediately went viral and netizens have been impressed with the Aussie teen’s bravery and strength.

Several moments later, Oli can be heard proclaiming “I’ve got his head” before pulling the snake out while wearing a glove. He held the serpent firmly and placed the serpent into a bag.

You can watch the video here:

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Oli’s father, who uses the name Chazza on the internet, is extremely – and understandably – proud of his boy. He even shared the video of the incident on Facebook and it eventually went viral, gaining thousands of shares and reactions. Plus he notes that this isn’t the first time his child fought a snake either!

He wrote:

“That’s my boy, been wrangling since he was five.

“Just a morning before school for him!”

Well what can I say? That is one badass kid indeed!

I mean I’d probably run for my life the moment I see a python that huge, you know. Or call someone who could deal with it since I’ve always had a lifelong fear of snakes.

Our hats are off to you, Oli, for being a tough young guy.Your absolutely braver and stronger than many of us would care to admit.

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