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Oldest Woman in Scotland Shares Her SECRETS to a Long LIFE! You Will Be Surprised!

I can’t believe it’s that simple! This is hilarious.


Last January 2, 2015, in a small town of Scotland, Jessie Gallan celebrated her Birthday. On that day, she became an instant celebrity. Various TV networks were all eager to have her for interviews and to take her photos. Why? Well, she has just celebrated her 109th birthday! Yup, you heard me right. Currently, she is the oldest woman in Scotland. And the 100 million dollar question is how the heck did she reach that age?

Fortunately, she was more than willing to share her secrets to a long life. Amazingly, she has no bizarre secrets that people expected to hear. She has been living her life just like any other ordinary woman. According to her, she just has this particular habit of eating a bowl of porridge every morning and lives a happy life. When asked why she preferred to remain single rather than live a life with someone special, she proudly responded “men are more trouble than they are worth”. We have no idea about her experience in the past, but she seriously vowed not to get married. I guess, being single was one of her secrets. Hopefully not!

Watch the hilarious video:

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Weak Elderly Woman was Moved to Tears When Her Nurse Does This To Her.

Her nurse enters the room and sits next to her. His next words have her in complete tears.

Many of us do our jobs just for the sake of working and getting paid at the end of the day. But there are some who cares about the convenience and comfort of their clients, and even go an extra mile just to provide their needs and make them feel better. One of them is Jared Axen, one of a kind nurse in Valencia Hospital in California who does more than just distributing medications to his patients, he also sings for them.

Jared recently became a viral internet sensation. The way he takes care of his patients has won the hearts of millions. He doesn't only administer medications, turn on the TV, and leave the room. Jared adds a personal level service that is downright amazing. He loves to hold the patient's hand while singing a beautiful song to them. Being the excellent singer that he is, his patients routinely cry tears of joy as he sings to them.

In this heartwarming video, you would see Jared doing his usual rounds in the hospital. And, the most touching part is when he sang for an elderly woman named Norma Lakoske who was moved to tears after hearing his song.

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Man Bought An Old Garage And Turned It Into A Beautiful Home

His friends laughed at him when he bought this old garage.

The Tiny House Movement is a new popular trend in which thousands of people started downsizing their homes and possessions for a minimalist lifestyle. The concept "less is more" has also become known to many. Simplified living has its benefits since you only have to live with the basic necessities. Plus you have no mortgage to worry.

After finding out that the houses in Paris are pretty expensive, Jérémie Buchholtz, a french photographer started looking for his own place in Bordeaux. Since his work requires him to travel frequently, he figured he would prefer a house that is not big yet comfortable and functional. He then started his search in his native Bordeaux but was surprised to find out how little he could get for his money. Apparently the houses in Bordeaux are still expensive though cheaper than Paris.

He got lucky when he found a listing of an unwanted old garage which costs $107,000 for 440 square feet. The price was quite reasonable since it's half of the prices of the apartments in Bordeaux. Everyone was mocking him for even giving it a try but Buchholtz saw a lot of potential in his newly bought place.

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When They Told this Grandma How Much her Antique Cards are Worth, Her Jaw Nearly Dropped!

Holy smokes…!


We already heard a lot of stories about finding treasures from junks, garage, and old materials. Usually, these stories are about people who bought something cheap from a garage sale but turned out to be of high monetary value. Or a man who was cleaning his attic after how many years and found something very valuable. For most of us, these kind of stories are no longer new. But lucky for those who are fond of collecting some ordinary items, for sure they have more chances of preserving something that will soon turn out to be of great price. How I wish my great grandfather became a collector of stamps or basketball cards. I could surely sell them today for a lot of money.

Just like the old lady in this video whose great, great grandmother had managed to collect some items as memorabilia of her life and friends. Way back a hundred years ago, her great grandmother had a boarding house where some of the very first paid baseball players during that time had stayed there. Luckily, her great grandmother had collected some items like baseball cards and letters from the players as souvenirs and remembrance. She had managed to preserve these items and handed them down to the family with utmost care.

Presently, all of these items are in good shape and have been validated as authentic. I believe she is the only person who has this kind of collection in the world. And what really makes it very valuable is not the material used but the symbolic value it will bring to the history of baseball.

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