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Old Woman Reported By Neighbors For Her Messy Home, Gets Unexpected Surprise!

Relatives made this old widow’s home their personal dumpster. The lady is now being fined for having a messy house but cannot do anything about it.

There will come a time when all the energy of our youth becomes nothing but a thing of the past. Old age can leave us helpless, frail and useless, and for a widow named Agnes, life has become one filthy mess, literally.

Agnes is a widow living alone in her house. Sadly, her relatives do not assist her, they have even turn Agnes’ home into their own personal dumpster. They left a ton of junk, old stuff and even an old trailer! Saying that Agnes’ home and backyard is a mess would be an understatement.

Agnes’ house has become so bad that it prompted neighbors to complain. With this, Agnes is faced with $2,500 in fines unless she cleans up her place. The problem is, Agnes is very old and is barely able to walk!

Without anyone in her family to help, she called a nonprofit organization named Operation Blessing. These guys agreed to clean up her relatives’ mess. What’s more, they even built brick pathways and put in some plants.

Old lady gets sweet surprise from people who helped her clean the house!

Old lady gets sweet surprise from people who helped her clean the house!

The surprise did not stop there. The guys from the nonprofit asked Agnes for that one thing she needs. She answered air conditioner and toward the end of the day, she received one as a great surprise! Now, that is a sweet ending to such a lovely experience!

Watch the very touching video here:

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Awwww! That was so heartwarming! We salute these guys for helping old Agnes feel loved amidst being alone in life. May this serve as a lesson for all of us to treat our elders with respect and love because they are the ones who need our support the most. One day, our time will come and when that day arrives, we would like people to come up to us and say something like, “We are paying it forward.”

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autistic brother 1...

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