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Chris Watts Is Receiving Many Love Letters From Women After The Release of Netflix’ American Murder





After the September 30 release of the Netflix crime documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door, it can be easy to think that Chris Watts has become one of the most hated human beings in the planet. Besides, the Colorado man brutally took the lives of his pregnant wife Shanann and their two young daughters Bella and Cece. All because he wanted to start a new life with his mistress!

Most would be surprised, however, that the renewed attention in the 2018 case has led to Chris. 35, receiving love letters from random women, with some even expressing interest to be with him.

Some ladies believe convicted killer Chris Watts, now 35 years old, is “innocent.”

In an article by People Magazine, we learn that a source who has spoken with the controversial criminal said:

“He got a lot of letters at first. Many of them are from women who thought he was handsome and felt compassion for him. He had nothing better to do, so he wrote them back. And he started having penpals. A couple of them stood out, and they’ve kept in contact.”

The source further confirmed that Chris received “more than 10” of these letters in the past week alone while still imprisoned in Wisconsin.

The source added:

“Some of the letters are angry. A lot of them are from people of faith who want to pray for him. But then he gets letters from women who want to connect with him, you know, romantically. He responds because he doesn’t have anything better to do.”

Apparently, receiving love letters from women is not a new experience for Chris. He’s been getting them since 2018!

Case in point, a letter sender named Candace previously wrote:

“In my heart, I know you are a great guy. If you do write me back I’d be the happiest girl alive that’s for sure.”

A certain Tatiana even sent a picture of herself, wearing bikini, admitting “I find myself thinking a lot about you” while someone named Hannah said “I feel this connection to you.”

Watch this Inside Edition report:

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