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NASA Will Pay You £14k To Stay In Bed For Two Months

Where do I sign up?


One of the reasons why we all get up in the morning is to work and earn money. However, NASA is making it possible for you to get paid without leaving your bed. The space agency is looking for volunteers who are willing to stay in bed for two months. In return, they will be paying these lazy people a whopping €16,500 (£14,177 or $18,616) for their efforts.

NASA is working in partnership with the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) for its Artificial Gravity Bed Rest Study. The study will look into the effect of weightlessness on the human body and it requires healthy female recruits aged between 24 and 55. (Sorry, boys.)

The study is open to women only.

Here’s what the volunteers can look forward to in the study: They will be housed in a single room, where the room temperature is kept constant. Throughout the 60-day period, everything needs to be done while lying down including eating, showering, and even going the toilet.

If lying down for two whole months sounds boring, the study will also allow the participants to have some leisure time. The volunteers are encouraged to take part in an online-course or learn a new skill. However, they may also simply binge-watch their favorite TV shows, check their Facebook, or take a nice long nap.

But would staying horizontal have a negative effect on the body? The study will also include 30 minutes per day in a “human centrifuge” that “generates artificial gravity and distributes body fluids back into the body.” In addition to that, a top team of scientific, physiotherapeutic and medical professionals will be present to monitor your health.

The “human centrifuge” will make sure body will stay healthy throughout the study.

If you’re still not convinced (perhaps over concerns of gaining weight while lying down all day), the study’s planners also assure that nutritionists will make sure you consume the right number of calories per day. However, they also promise that there will be occasional “pancakes or sweets.”

The study will last a total of 89 days. The first five days will be dedicated to familiarization before the participants get their 60 days of bed rest. It is then followed by 14 days of rest and astronaut rehabilitation. This will have the volunteers back up and ready for their normal life.

If you’re interested in earning $18,616 for staying in bed all day, you can sign up for the NASA study here.


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