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He Was Bullied For His Speech Impediment Disorder and So He Did This! In Your Face Bullies!





While most parents usually adore moments their child learns their first word, his condition caused such milestone a little delay.

Although science predicted the development stages of speech and language in an orderly manner, the case of 16-year-old British Pakistan Musharaf “Mushy” Asghar is a little controversial.

All his life, stammering Mushy has been suffering from speech impediment disorder causing him to be the top flavor of bullies in the classroom. Thanks to his dedicated professor, Mr. Burton proved how powerful music can change one’s life.

Adapting from the movie The King Speech, dear Mr. Burton here allowed Mushy to listen to music as he struggles to utter a single word. Slowly but surely, Mushy was able to say a word to a phrase until finally completing a whole paragraph. Unbelievably, it worked and the reality television series Educating Yorkshire based in Thornhill Community Academy in Dewsbury made Mushy a new icon in the road to stardom. “As crazy as it sounds, my stammer makes me want to work harder every day. I would rather have this stammer than not have it. It’s made me brave, and it’s made me want to go that extra mile,” shared Mushy.

Meet the famous Musharaf “Mushy” Asghar and the English teacher, Mr. Burton who extended his teaching obligations to do the impossible.


Watch the video:

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To date, an estimated 11M viewers have been instant “mushy fans” and the number just keeps on going! This one calls for another celebration, don’t you think? So, bravo!

H/T: Little Things, The Guardian

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