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Observant Mother Saved 3-Year-Old Son From Fist-Sized Brain Tumor After Wrong Diagnosis





Three-year-old Daniel is a typical happy boy who enjoys playing as much as any other kids his age. However, his mom, Rosie Bell, started to notice something unusual with his actions and behavior. Like any other mother, Rosie’s maternal instinct instantly kicked in, urging her to do something about it. Little did she know that her gut feeling will save her son from a life-threatening condition.

In a report by Mirror, the mother shared how she learned about her son’s condition. Initially, Rosie noticed that Daniel is becoming clumsier as he bumps into things and tumbles most of the time. Later on, the young boy started to become gloomy and tired. His family thought his mood swings were due to a growth spurt or a common virus.

However, days have passed and little Daniel became repeatedly sick. Rosie, being the observant mother that she is, recalled a friend’s Facebook post about  The Brain Tumour Charity‘s HeadSmart campaign, which aims to educate parents about symptoms of a brain tumor. Apparently, Daniel has been showing such warning signs.

Rosie Bell notices that her son Daniel started to become morose and tired.

Taking the symptoms into account, Rosie took Daniel to the doctor hoping to get a clear answer. However, the doctor dismissed his signs as hay fever. The mother said:

“My gut instinct told me Daniel had a brain tumor. But when I took him to the GP the next morning, I felt ridiculous putting my fear into words. She thought it may be hay fever as he’d been rubbing his eyes a lot and prescribed antihistamines.”

Little Daniel was initially diagnosed with hay fever.

In the days that followed, Daniel became worse. Rosie’s maternal instinct is telling her to seek a second opinion, especially after witnessing her son vomiting repeatedly.

Following her intuition, they took Daniel to another pediatrician, where they learned about his brain tumor. Apparently, the tumor had grown to the size of an adult fist. The doctor also revealed that “It’s probably been growing for years.”

A CT scan also revealed a “mass” that was causing fluid to build up in his brain.

Daniel’s CT scan shows the fist-sized tumor in his brain.

Source: The Brain Tumour Charity

Rosie’s intuition later saved her son Daniel from a life-threatening brain tumor.

Daniel had undergone a grueling nine-hour operation in an attempt to remove the tumor. Fortunately, the surgeon at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital was confident that he could take it out successfully.

True enough, after long hours of waiting, Daniel’s parent received the good news. The whole tumor was removed and it was non-cancerous.

Daniel was kept in the intensive care for four days before he was sent home. According to the results, his brain tumor was a grade one pilocytic astrocytoma.

Now, Daniel is back in his normal life and healthier than ever. All thanks to his mother’s intuition and the informative HeadSmart campaign of The Brain Tumour Charity.

Rosie followed her intuition and saved her son from danger.

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