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Mother Discovers That Son’s Bride Is Her Long-lost Daughter




  • The groom’s mother recognized the birthmark on the bride’s hand, which is similar to her long-lost daughter’s.
  • She asked the bride’s parents if the girl was adopted, which they confirmed – they found the girl on a roadside more than 20 years ago.
  • The wedding pushed through when the mother clarified that her son, the groom, was adopted.

This is definitely not your common family reunion. A woman in Eastern China got the shock of her life when she met her son’s bride during the couple’s wedding day – it turns out the bride was the woman’s long-lost daughter.

The wedding was held in Suzhou, Jiangsu province and when the mother saw her son’s bride, she recognized a birthmark on the girl’s hand. The mark was similar to the mother’s long-lost daughter, so she mustered the courage to ask the bride’s parents if the girl was adopted.

Although the parents were quite taken aback with the question, they did reveal that the bride was, in fact, adopted. They found her on a roadside more than 20 years ago. The groom’s mother then explained that she lost her daughter in the same time period. She looked for her child but was unable to find her.

The wedding would have been called off at this point, since brother and sister could not be married. But then the mother explained that the groom, her son, was adopted – after years searching in vain for her daughter, she decided to adopt a child.

Everyone was relieved and the wedding pushed through. What made it even better was the pictures of the bride crying and hugging her long-lost biological mother.

She described meeting her mother as “happier than the wedding day itself.”

It wasn’t clear how the bride got lost when she was a child or whether the groom knew he was adopted.

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