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This is the Most Terrifying Road Trip I Have Ever Seen! Would You Ride on this Bus?

Watch these brave guys take the craziest bus ride in the Himalayas!

Whenever you are up to a great challenge, Himalayas is one of the best places in the world to visit. Himalayas is known for its high mountains that are quite difficult to trek. Lots of people who aspired for the greatest adventures of their lives, end up dying there. That’s how dangerous it can be. One mistake can actually means the end of your life. Still interested?

One perfect example of a horrifying adventure in Himalayas is showed in this video. This could be the craziest ride I have ever seen. The video was taken in Alwas-Killar Road, Pangi Valley, which was opened just six years ago. The person who recorded everything was obviously scared and worried, especially when he directed the view of the camera below the mountain sides as the rickety old bus came only a few inches from the side of the cliff. One mistake by the bus driver and the bus could plunge almost three miles down the mountain. After watching the footage, I felt incredibly relieved to know they survived that insane ride.

Watch the crazy video!

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He Visited His 90 year old Parents And Came Into This. Just LOVELY!

Can you believe these two?


Anyone with parents who are growing older and older each day knew how heartbreaking it is to watch the persons who raised and helped you when you were a kid, now could barely help themselves. It's pretty difficult watching them suffer. But its even harder on the part of the aging parents. They would face a lot of health challenges on their senior years. Such as Alzheimer's, heart disease, dementia, depression and whatnot.

On a lighter note, there are some aging people who still lives a happier life despite the challenges they faced. Take this couple for instance, old as they seem yet their liveliness and cheerfulness still shows. They have been married for sixty years yet the love between them is ageless. Reminds me so much of Carl and Ellie from the Pixar Movie "Up."

Captured by their son in one of his visits to his parents' place, here is a very rare yet heart-touching video of his father dancing while his mother plays the piano. It's really true what they say, "Age is just a number."

Watch the precious video:


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This Baby Met His Dad’s Twin for the First Time!  His Reaction? PRICELESS!

Watch his confused face. So cute!


Generally, when kids are already exposed to society or community to meet new people, friends, strangers and even relatives, they have the tendency to feel shy and aloof. Sometimes, they become really scared and do not want to be left out by their parents. Simply because they just cannot easily adapt to a new environment and people. They still need time to feel and adjust to it.

Just like what happened with baby Charlie in the video. Baby Charlie was used to seeing only his parents, close relatives near their place and friends. Hence, when he met his dad’s brother, he was quite amused and shocked. Not because it was the first that he met his dad’s brother, but he realized that his uncle has the same exact face with his dad. They were identical twins. Can you imagine now the confusion in Baby Charlie’s face? His reaction was definitely speechless.

Watch the hilarious encounter:

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When This 2 Year Old Girl Sings for Her Dad, OMG! She’s So Cute I’m Gonna Die!

My brain is going to explode from the cuteness.


I have been hearing about children who manifest great potentials at such an early age. They are just so wonderful to watch. Who would not be delighted? Their cute voices are just like a ray of sunshine that can make you smile no matter how ridiculous they sound. Believe me, they can even make you laugh and sometimes cry. I am not kidding!

Just like the 2 year old child in this video who was not shy to show off her talent in singing. When Josie was asked to sing a kid’s song entitled “Old MacDonald,” by her father, she quickly made her moves and sing the song with energy and pride. She's so cute and adorable.

Watch the Adorable Video:

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