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10 Most Awesome Jobs in the World

That’s it, I’m getting the hell out of this office!

Anyone who’s stuck at a 9-5 desk job knows the feeling of wanting to be somewhere else, doing anything but the drudgery of the rat race. As if that’s not enough, we get to see stories about incredibly lucky people snagging THESE jobs, you know, gigs that we would gladly kill for.

1. Roisin Madigan, luxury bed tester


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She’s getting paid to sleep in expensive beds.
Imagine getting paid GBP 1,000 to sleep in designer beds. This is what Birmingham University Student Roisin Madigan’s job for a month, as part of her contribution to a survey initiated by Simon Horn Ltd. The company sells the Savoir Beds, which are luxury beds originally created for the posh Savoy Hotel. Roisin’s job is to spend 8 hours in those luxury beds and blog about her experiences.

2. Ben Southall, paradise island caretaker


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Chill at a paradise island, get paid $111,000.
The job is to stay and explore Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef for six months and write a blog to promote the place. The contract includes free rent in a three-bedroom villa with pool. Nearly 35,000 people applied for the caretaker position, but only one lucky dude got it. Ben Southall got paid $111,000 to swim, chill, and do whatever he wants on the island and write about the experience. He had to go through a “grueling” interview process, which involves spending four days on the island snorkeling, eating at a beachside barbecue, and trying out a spa.

3. Jaime Rascone, prostitute tester


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Sleeping with the chicks and taking notes.
It’s the ultimate dream job for any red-blooded male – sleeping with girls in a brothel in Chile to check if they are good enough for customers. Yep, there is such a thing as a quality tester for prostitutes, and this lucky bastard has it. Jaime, a DJ who models on the side, got this incredible gig while working on a story about the sexual revolution in Chile. The madam at Fiorella Companions offered him the job of “testing” the girls who want to work as VIP escorts for the brothel. The girls will have to go through interviews, psych tests, and photo sessions before they land the final interview, which requires sleeping with Jaime, all of them in a single day. The dude has to endure girls sleeping with him one after the other, and he has to take notes on the performance of each applicant so he can make recommendations to the madam. The job is so draining that he can only afford to do this once a month, testing only around 70 girls in a year.

4. Tommy Lynch, resort waterslide tester


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Sliding for a living.
Who the hell gets paid sliding on holiday resort waterslides? Tommy Lynch, that’s who. As part of his job as Lifestyle Product Development Manager at First Choice, he has to travel thousands of miles a year to get to resorts and going through the slides to check for speed, height, and safety, among other things. in 2008 alone, he tested slides at resorts in Mexico, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Egypt, and Majorca, among other places.

5. Harry Willsher, candy tester

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The sweetest job in the world
For a schoolboy, this has got to be the best job ever. At 12, Harry was hired as chief taster for Swizzels Matlow after winning a contest run by the firm. He won the judges over with his description of the Drumstick lolly, his favorite candy. Harry is tasked to sample the sweets and monitor development at the company factor in Derbyshire.

6. Hardy Wallace, wine tester and blogger


A wine connoisseur’s dream gig
Hardy here has the sweetest deal – he gets paid $10,000 a month to go to wineries in beautiful Sonoma County in California, learn about wine-making, taste the goods, and then blog about the experience. Oh, and he gets to live rent-free too. Harry snagged the six-month job at Murphy-Goode Winery by simply submitting a video of himself explaining why he’s perfect for the position.

7. Super lucky gamers, World of Warcraft tester

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Play games? All in a day’s work.
Getting paid to play video games is paradise for any dedicated gamer. Blizzard, creator of World of Warcraft, employed hardcore gamers for mmorpg jobs, mostly for WoW. These are the gamers who can farm 200 gold an hour and reach level 80 in less than 2 weeks.So if you can play at least four hours a day and can speak a foreign language, then it’s time to send your application.

8. Super lucky Australians over the age of 18, condom tester


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Test rubbers the best way you know how…
Durex accepted applicants for those who are willing to test the company’s condoms and provide honest feedback. This was a non-paying gig but the testers got free $60 selection of Durex products. One of the 200 testers scored a $1000 bonus for a job well done.

9. Two lucky dudes, bike-rider photographer for Google Maps


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Bike around France and take pictures…
Two men in France was hired to bike around the country and snap up photos of historical sites that can’t be accessed by automobiles. They have to ride a three-wheeler bike that has a long pole attached with nine cameras, a GPS, a computer, and a generator. They also have to wear Google t-shirts and helmets during the ride.

10. Sam Pointon, Director of Fun at York’s National Railway Museum


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The Director of Fun!
You can never be too young for ambition. The 6-year old Sam sent a handwritten letter explaining why he’s fit to replace retiring boss Andrew Scott. His credentials include “controlling two trains at once,” according to his adorable letter. The museum staff was so impressed with the kid that they appointed him an honorary position as Director of Fun and he gets to tell the bosses how the museum can become a fun place for children.


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