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Monkey Holds Kitten Hostage While Eating Bananas As Onlookers Yell “Don’t Hurt Him!”




  • Witnesses said that someone was trying to feed the monkey, who took the food AND the kitten.
  • The monkey ate bananas while keeping the kitten hostage.
  • Both animals disappeared 48 hours after the incident.

It’s not your typical kidnapping situation. A monkey takes a kitten, climbs on a roof, eats bananas, and disappears.

Residents in the Rayong area in Eastern Thailand witnessed an unusual drama when they saw a monkey on a roof, holding a terrified kitten. The incident was caught on video.

As the people in the neighborhood looked on in shock, the monkey ate a series of bananas while still keeping the poor feline hostage.

The primate then disappeared along with the kitten. The next day, residents saw the monkey without the kitten. Now it’s been over 48 hours since the kitten was last seen.

During the incident on the roof, the residents tried to communicate with the monkey to release the kitten.

In the video, a woman can be heard shouting in Thai to the monkey to let go of and not hurt the kitten.

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They were also shouting to the cat to encourage it to flee and escape from its captor.

Chantra Sakulphitak, one of the residents, said that “The monkey was seen on Sunday morning again with the kitten. But it was then seen alone on Sunday afternoon at 4pm without the kitten.”

“Since then nobody has seen either of them again. We don’t know if the monkey has killed the cat or it escaped and ran away.”

This was not the first time that the residents saw the monkey. Apparently, it has been stealing food and terrorizing the locals in the recent months.

Chantra said that when the “cat-napping” incident happened, someone was trying to feed the monkey, who took not only the food but also the kitten.

They alerted the local rescue team and animal handlers came over the following morning. Unfortunately, there weren’t any signs of the monkey or the kitten. The residents are now trying to look for the cat, with plans to give it appropriate treatment just in case it received injuries during the entire ordeal.

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