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Why Can’t You Just Eat Your Food… “Rude” Parody About Picky Eaters is Priceless!

Laughing Moms hit the nail the nail right on the head with this Rude Parody Song for picky eater kids.


You probably heard about the phenomenal song ‘Rude’ by Canadian reggae fusion band Magic and it may have reached your music playlist too. How about the Magic! Rude Parody (Dad’s Side of the Story)? That was too funny to take and really entertaining just like this these two mothers doing  their own version of the said parody song entitled ‘Magic!-‘Rude’ Parody (Mom Version).’

It’s no secret that kids being ‘picky eaters’ is a struggle for most mothers. At some point in our childhood, we used  to be like these kids giving Mom a headache when it comes to the food they prepare for us ‘versus’ the ones we want, which often leads to a ‘mini fight’ during meal time.

Now this hilarious video sums up everything that we need to know about mothers dealing with their ‘pick eater’ kids, how they handle the challenges, struggles, and frustrations everyday just to feed them–all presented in the funniest manner by ‘Laughing Moms.’ Only goes to show how much we are loved by our mothers despite the hardship that comes with being a parent. Hats off!

Watch the video and sing along:

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Why can’t you just eat your food? [singing] Their mothers nailed it though and I can’t stop laughing.

H/T: SheKnows, Laughing Moms


Two Filipinas’ Jaw Dropping Rendition of Flashlight is Pitch Perfect!

Aside from earned $69.2 Million after the release of the final box office numbers, Pitch Perfect 2 definitely kept its viewers and fans afloat. Thanks to these new divas, many are still A ca-mazed!

Garnering $69.2 Million after the release of the final box office numbers, Pitch Perfect 2 has definitely kept its viewers and fans into high. And if you happen to be an a cappella fan then you will definitely be in the loop of this rendition of its banner song “Flashlight” even more popularized by Jessie J!

Much as many versions have flooded Youtube and Vimeo, these two Filipinas have definitely topnotched other interpretations with their own bold yet hippy style. Meet Philippines’ new buddy divas Katrina Velarde and Monique Lualhati who belted out Jessie J’s “Flashlight”, their cover quickly went viral gathering more than 1 million Views in just 24 Hours.

Watch their performance:

Now that’s what good music is all about!

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This Upcoming Movie About a Depressed Military Dog is a Real Tearjerker!

The trailer and theme song say it heartfelt!

Military dogs have special responsibilities for the country they serve, making them exposed to lots of events that are sometimes heartbreaking for the naturally-loving creature that they are. In crime scenes, dogs are almost always the first to check out the location for clues before anyone else does. Military dogs, just like the human members of the troops, are remarkable for keeping their country safe and protected. And with such great responsibility, these dogs sometimes get stressed and frustrated.

A new movie about military dogs entitled Max, is coming to theaters soon and we must say the trailer is so touching, and with Blake Shelton's heartfelt rendition of a Bob Dylan classic, "Forever Young" playing in the background, we were moved.

Watch the video here:

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Street Food Vendor Perfectly Peels and Slices A Mango Without Ever Touching It

If only all street fruit vendors are like him…

Street food are popular for its rich and delicious taste. Although some people wouldn't mind their food to be prepared along the streets, some do not want anyone else touching their food, hence fail to experience the goodness of street food.

We've seen street fruit vendors who peel fast and in a flawless manner but would it be nicer to see vendors prepare street food in a sanitary way? We saw this video of a street vendor in Santa Barbara, East Beach in California , who did not, in any way, touch the fruit he was preparing for the customer. And while he was at it, he sliced the fruit in a flawless and beautiful way that can pass up as Instagram-worhty.

Watch the video here:

If only all street vendors prepare their food like this, then we think their sales will surely shoot up! What do you think of this video? Let us know in the comment box below and share this post to your family and friends too.

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