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Why Can’t You Just Eat Your Food… “Rude” Parody About Picky Eaters is Priceless!





You probably heard about the phenomenal song ‘Rude’ by Canadian reggae fusion band Magic and it may have reached your music playlist too. How about the Magic! Rude Parody (Dad’s Side of the Story)? That was too funny to take and really entertaining just like this these two mothers doing  their own version of the said parody song entitled ‘Magic!-‘Rude’ Parody (Mom Version).’

It’s no secret that kids being ‘picky eaters’ is a struggle for most mothers. At some point in our childhood, we used  to be like these kids giving Mom a headache when it comes to the food they prepare for us ‘versus’ the ones we want, which often leads to a ‘mini fight’ during meal time.

Now this hilarious video sums up everything that we need to know about mothers dealing with their ‘pick eater’ kids, how they handle the challenges, struggles, and frustrations everyday just to feed them–all presented in the funniest manner by ‘Laughing Moms.’ Only goes to show how much we are loved by our mothers despite the hardship that comes with being a parent. Hats off!

Watch the video and sing along:

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Why can’t you just eat your food? [singing] Their mothers nailed it though and I can’t stop laughing.

H/T: SheKnows, Laughing Moms

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