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China Hosts ‘Miss World Bikini’, But Forgets to Invite Candidates from the Rest of the World





Most men probably wait for the swimsuit competition whenever there’s a beauty pageant shown on TV. So when China hosted a “Miss World Bikini” contest at a water park in Hubei, the people were excited to see the parade of beauties.

Who wouldn’t want to see gorgeous, sexy, young women from all over the world show their fit bodies in those bikinis, right?

Then the hosts started calling the candidates from Shanghai, Beijing, Xian, Dalian, Taiyuan, Wuhan, and Chengdu.

Wait! There were 100 beautiful models from different regions in China….

But, where were the candidates from the rest of the world?


Have they forgotten to send an invite to all the other countries or have they just misnamed the pageant?

Not to mention that it was just the quarterfinal round.


They’ve selected 20 out of the hundred to vie for the next stage of the competition, but only three lucky candidates will make it to the national final.

I wonder what they’d call it then…

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