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Old Couple Refused to Sell their Land, so the Developers Did THIS!

This is a cheap, underhanded move done by the developers to force the farmers to leave the land.


Progress is good. Industrialized areas could mean better jobs and opportunities for the people. However, it may not be easy for some landowners to give up their properties that easily, especially if it has been in their family for generations.

What would they do if the developers were coercing them to sell their piece of land?

An old couple who lives in a village outside of Wuhan, China claimed that an unidentified man drove an excavator and dug a massive ditch around their house. The man allegedly works for the developers who were coercing them to sell their property.

The trench is 1-meter wide and 1.5 –meter deep.


Photo credit: NetEase

Yin Yangju, 52, and her husband Xiao Ming are farmers who have been living in their old house for the past 30 years.

They refused to sign the agreement due to the company’s miserly offer.


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545 homes were demolished, and only four houses remained.


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The residents said the developer’s offer was significantly lower than the expected value of their properties.


Photo credit: NetEase

As for the trench around the old couple’s house, the local village committee director denied knowledge of who might have done it. He told the local reporters that he had just taken office.


Photo credit: NetEase

What can you say about the developer’s underhanded move? Should the couple just sell their land and leave or should they continue to stand their ground?


Chinese Flight Attendants Protest Against this Airline’s Unofficial Ritual

The company ignored the complaints until the flight attendants’ protest went viral over the net.

Some companies or organizations require new employees to follow certain rituals. These initiation rites can be fun, difficult, and sometimes humiliating. No matter how hard the initiation is, the novices are supposed to endure the test. They have to prove that they have what it takes to be a part of the group.

However, these new employees have to consent to the practice. They have to be willing to undergo the rite because that’s what separates it from bullying or whatever form of oppression.

That is exactly what several flight attendants from Kunming Airlines in China wanted to point out. They are saying, “NO” to the airline’s unofficial tradition:

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14 Frighteningly Real Halloween Decorations to Spook Trick-or-Treaters Off Your Yard

Because its scare season once again.

Fresh off the blood moon apocalypse, Halloween approaches on cold, whispery feet, and fans of the season have began taking out their plastic skeletons, string cobwebs, rubber bat wings, and witch effigies out of the attic.

For some, its an excuse to go full-out Goth and scandalize the locals. For other people, however, Halloween represents that one month in 12 when they can let loose their inner Tim Burton...their Stephen King alter ego...or simply their adoration of "The Walking Dead."

Because if you see any of these in your neighbors' far, far, away...

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Superhuman Diver Goes 20 Meters Underwater, Walks on the Sea Floor to Catch Fish

You will want this Badjao fisherman as your driving instructor after seeing what he can do underwater!

Most of us are happy enough being able to hold our breaths underwater for thirty seconds, or even up to one minute. But of course that is for us mere mortals who will pass out without our precious oxygen for just a few seconds! Professional divers and swimmers with their years of training and superior aquatic abilities, can hold for a minimum of three to five minutes.

But then, there are superhumans like this Badjao tribesman from the Philippines who can hold his breath even longer. But that's not all! Armed with only swim goggles and a badass blowspear, he dives a depth of nearly 65 feet on the ocean floor to hunt for his lunch.

What's even more amazing is that this guy hunts fishes down the bottom of the sea as if he was hunting on land. He walks through the ocean floor and corals like it was a walk in the park. We know how difficult it is to resist water pressure of even just 20 feet, just imagine what it's like for 65 feet!

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