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This Guy Was Born With A Rare Birthmark That Looks Like He’s Turning Into A Werewolf





There are certain human conditions that are just hard to explain. Some of them have been given scientific explanations, while some cannot be understood as to why they occur in some people.

Just like this man in China who is suffering from a rare genetic condition.

Zhang Hongming sees himself looking like a movie character that resembles a werewolf because of the thickness of hair that covers most part of his body.

Doctors call it congenital pigmented nevus, a disorder that produces giant hairy patches of skin on the body.

Zhang Hongming has finally decided to speak with a doctor with regard to his condition.


It is not something people normally see in real life because it is not something that usually occurs on people.

This is definitely not something we see every day.

Zhang Hongming

He has been called a monkey because of his rare physical feature.

Zhang Hongming1

Hongming said that when he was a child, he was covered with black birthmarks but it did not look as bad as it is now. He did not think that he was going to grow up looking like a werewolf and he certainly never considered getting any medical treatment because he knew his family could not afford it.

There are certainly a lot of mysterious things in life.

Zhang Hongming2

Zhang’s condition is one of them but that does not make him less human.

Zhang Hongming3

Hongming admitted that the unusual fur on his body destroyed his confidence after being mocked by people.

“The fur was a nightmare for me since I was born,” he said. “Each time I see people whisper around me, I would run away.”

Doctors have already done a series of surgeries to remove Zhang’s birth defect.

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