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Man Shocked to Find Out the Cute Puppies He Raised for 2 Years Are Actually BEARS

Man finds out the puppies he raised for two years are actually Asian black bears.


What would you do if you find out that the two adorable puppies you have been taking good care of for years are actually bears? Strange as it may be, it happened to a man named Wang Kaiyu who is from Yunnan, China.

Kaiyu adopted the two puppies as how he thought and was told they were. He got them from a man who was crossing the Vietnamese boarder, looking so adorable that he bought them right away.

For two years, he loved and raised them like dogs until he found out that they are actually Asian Black Bears, considered to be class II protected species.  He discovered it through a poster for a wildlife protection promotion about Asian black bears and ‘decided to ask help from the authorities in the hopes that they could be relocated to an appropriate habitat,’ Shangaiist reports.

Chinese man found out that he was raising two bears for the past two years thinking all the while that they were dogs.


Photo credit: Twitter/iStock
He realized his mistake when he saw a poster about wildlife protection at an exhibition  which includes protected species like Asian black bears.


Photo credit: Jim Stroner

Both bears were, ‘very lively, not picky about food and were friendly with human beings,’ Kaiyu told China Daily.

However, after awhile, the cubs started, ‘behaving strangely much unlike dogs while they grew up,’ occasionally hunting and eating a chicken on Kaiyu’s farm.

Although it might have been heartbreaking to give up his ‘besties,’ it was the right thing to do.

Source: via Twitter

 According to Yahoo UK, Asian black bears are listed as vulnerable on the ICUN Red List with widespread hunting and loss of habitat posing a serious threat to the species with an estimated population drop of 49% over the past 30 years.

Eventually, the two bears found a new home as they were sent to the Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center of Yunnan province for protection.


This Kid Dancing by the Pool to the Cuban Pete Nailed It!

A chubby kid dancing by the pool to Cuban Pete has now gone viral. Watch him nail this epic dance from the 90’s movie, “The Mask”.

The 1990's brought us the epic police dance scene from the movie "The Mask" which showed Jim Carrey and other policemen dancing to the "Cuban Pete".

After over two decades, a chubby kid dancing by the pool brings back to life this legendary scene which will also make you dance to the beat.

With his charm, attitude, dance moves and a pair of red swimming shorts, Guillermo Garcia is more than just a delight to his family as he salsa'd his way by the pool. He did not just dance his heart out, but watching him is like actually watching a musical scene in a theater as he was also mouthing the lyrics.

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Family Stops Eating Food Treated With Pesticides For 2 Weeks And The Result Is REMARKABLE.

Swedish family decided to keep their organic diet after positive results in just 2 weeks.

We are used to consuming conventional food that are mostly grown and treated with pesticides. What we are not aware though is how it can be harmful to us especially when combined with other chemicals found in different foods.

A Swedish family doesn't eat organic food as it costs more than conventional food, which is not ideal for big families. However, after their urine samples were taken, they found out that a number of pesticides are inside their bodies.

They then tried to get rid of all their conventionally produced foods at home and kept an organic diet instead for a period of two weeks. Afterwards, another round of urine samples were taken from them and the result was quite remarkable. The study was conducted by the Swedish Environmental Research Institute IVL. In effect, the family decided to eat everything organic from now on.

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They Found Her Skin and Bones at a Public Pound. Watch What Her Rescuers Did to Her!

Thia critically ill dog was just caged and neglected until these people came along.

Everybody deserves a second chance---even dogs. I'm clearly a cynophile and like most dog lovers, it breaks my heart to see emaciated, neglected dogs like this poor pup in the video.

Theia was saved from a public pound in Romania. She was skin and bones and covered in fleas and ticks when the people from Howl of a Dog found her. The poor pup was so weak and malnourished that her internal organs had been damaged. Her liver, in particular, was severely affected.

Her cage and her critical health condition prevented her from running and living a happy life despite her young age. Fortunately, there are kindhearted people, like those from the organization, who selflessly rescue gentle dogs like Theia.

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