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Protective Father Knocks Out A Bully Who Messed With His Girls





Don’t underestimate an older man, especially if his wife and daughter is being threatened. This is what a 25-year old guy learned when he harassed a mother and daughter at the beach.

The father, who is much older at 44 years old, confronted the brash younger man, who appeared to be drunk. The father tried to calm him down, but the younger man kept yacking off instead of backing down. The older man was even trying to reason with him, but to no avail. He even made fun of the older man’s age.

It’s when the younger dude tried to hit the older man when the latter finally had enough and gave this young punk a lesson.

Watch the video:

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That was SOLID. He knocked the lights off a guy who’s almost half his age. Just goes to show that age can be just a number.

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