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Man Gets Cyanide Poisoning After Taking Apricot Kernels To Treat Cancer

A 67-year old Australian almost bit the dust after suffering from cyanide poisoning from consuming apricot kernel extracts.

Mark Lester Celozar





There has been a rise in the number of “alternative” cancer treatment products in the market these past few years. However, these treatments still don’t have any scientific evidence to warrant their claims. It’s fascinating how people still fall for it despite the fact that it’s their health that’s on the line.

Recently, another alternative cancer treatment emerged in the form of laetrile, a substance found in apricot kernels. That’s a fair claim. However, it’s also a fairly known fact that cyanide can be found in apricot kernels as well. With these few details, it’s already pretty easy to see where this story is headed.

Apricots are definitely delicious. However, they are not a great alternative for cancer treatment.

BMJ Case report just recently revealed the story of a 67-year old Australian who almost bit the dust after suffering from cyanide poisoning from consuming apricot kernel extracts.

Apricot kernels are dangerous because of their cyanide content.

Source: Pixabay

According to the reports, the man was driven to do the crazy thing after finally recovering from prostate cancer. Scared that cancer might go back, he took apricot kernel extracts called “ake.”

For five years, the old man took two teaspoons of apricot kernels on a daily basis.

Source: Pixabay

He took the kernels alongside three tablets of the herbal fruit kernel supplement called Novodalin. Upon doing the math, it was determined that the man was practically taking 17.32 milligrams of cyanide daily. No wonder why he ended up almost dying.

Taking this crazy level of cyanide every day ended up causing his blood to contain high levels of thiocyanate – a result of cyanide breakdown. Surprisingly, the doctors only managed to discover this after conducting a routine surgery.

The Australian man narrowly avoided death. Unfortunately, further reports said that he still stubbornly refused to discontinue his intake of apricot kernel despite the doctor’s advice against it.

Despite the stories like this, lots of people still believe that apricot kernels can help you fight cancer.

Source: Pixabay

Dr. Alex Konstantatos, one of the doctors who treated the man, explained to the Australian Journal of Pharmacy:

Self-prescribed medications, especially in this instance, are often not taken in precise doses and with limited knowledge of adverse effects since patients tend to only focus on favorable effects.

Well, just like they always said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

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