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Man Builds a Stealth Deluxe Movie Theater Disguised as a Woodshed in His Backyard





Ever wonder what people who love watching films do when they can’t find the time to go to the movies? Why, they take the movies back home with them, of course.

A landscape gardener from Bedfordshire who specializes in building hobbit houses (yes, he has one of those in his backyard) also enjoys watching the cinema.

Ashley Yeates owns Torii Gardens, which provides bespoke sanctuary design, and sometimes finds little time on his hands to actually go to the movies.

So he decided to build his own cinema complex in his backyard.

movie 1

On a smaller scale, that is.

Yeates already built his own hobbit hole in his back garden, so building a hobbit movie house didn’t present a problem.

He simply disguised it as a potting shed.

movie 2

Most homes have garden sheds in their backyard, and Yeates wanted his private personal cinema to look as unassuming as possible.

He started with a concept of a summerhouse, and in the inside – a feast for the senses!

Yeates began with a simple foundation.

movie 3

Source: Brightside
To which he installed walls.

movie 4

Source: Brightside

After putting in the roof with shingles, lighting fixtures, and a tiny porch, the structure fit right into his backyard.

Looking like a…well, like a shed.

movie 7

Source: Brightside
But inside, a luxuriously plush surprise…

movie 8

Source: Brightside
Complete with red velvet seats, curtains, and movie posters.

movie 10

Source: Brightside
A choice of movies.

movie 11

Source: Brightside
Plus a popcorn and candy concession stand!

movie 12

Source: Brightside

Yeates soundproofed the shed with six-inch thick plasterboards and cladding, so no matter how loud the volume is inside, no one outside can hear what’s going on.

With Dolby 5.1 surround sound, an underfloor sub, an HD and 3D projector, a blue-ray player, and game consoles for video gaming, his mini movie theater is completely equipped. He doesn’t even need to leave his home to go to the cinema anymore.

Yeates is offering a similar set-up under his Torii Gardens company. It will cost anywhere from £12,000 ($15,900) to £26,000 ($34,500).

Pricey – but well worth it, yes?

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