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Male Tested Positive of COVID-19 May Damage Their “TESTICLES”, Chinese Doctors Warn




  • Chinese doctors in Centre for Reproductive Medicine claimed that male patients of coronavirus may suffer infertility after they recover from the disease.
  • The claim was likened to the cause of male SARS-COV patients who recovered, explaining that COVID-19 may also damage the testicles.
  • The Chinese doctors has reminded about the importance of immediately undergoing a fertility test after male patients have recovered.

Professor Li Yufeng and his team at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine recently claimed that male patients who have tested positive of the fatal coronavirus(COVID-19) can also suffer from testicle inflammatory, even after they have recovered from the said illness.

Although there is no study yet to prove the claim, Li said COVID-19 can be likened to SARS Coronavirus or SARS-COV when patients who survived the said virus also suffered problems in their sexual organs. Additionally, medics in Wuhan also suggested that coronavirus can affect the production of a man’s sperm cells and even the formation of male hormones.

“Therefore, for men who have had the infection, especially those who need to reproduce, it is best to undergo relevant fertility tests, such as sperm quality and hormone level tests, upon recovery to detect possible problems as soon as possible,” a hospital report stated as posted by the Daily Mail.

The scientific explanation of this, expert said, is when COVID-19 (or SARS-COV) enters the human cells, it binds two kinds of proteins, spike and cell membrane, together which forms “angiotensin-converting enzyme 2” or ACE2. The virus could further damage the body’s tissue and the ACE2.

The doctors in Wuhan also cited a situation during the SARS outbreak in 2002 when they found “serious immune system damage” in the male patients’ testicles.

Although some of the doctors currently say they have yet to detect inflammation on COVID-19 positive male patients, they do not want to rule out the possibilities of infertility.

“Since the new coronavirus is highly similar to the SARS coronavirus and the two share the same host cell receptor ACE2, the new coronavirus could cause damage to men’s testicles,” experts from the of Wuhan Tongji Hospital explained.

Tongji Hospital is one of the medical institutions that has been tasked by Chinese President Xi Jinping to treat COVID-19 patients in Wuhan since the start of the outbreak.

The virus has since spread to numerous countries across the globe, prompting the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare the disease as a pandemic.

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