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Magician Splits Himself in Half Like it was Nothing in an Epic Elevator Prank.

Magician scared everyone inside the elevator with his magic trick prank.


Seems like pranks are everywhere these days and if you think the only thing you should be worried about is getting stuck in an elevator, think again. Not unless if you are the type who find this rather entertaining.

Andy Gross, a comedian, magician and ventriloquist pulled off another prank where he splits his body in half and this time he does it where one can’t easily get away of–inside the elevator. The illusion or magic trick frightens almost everyone and their reactions range from screaming to cursing and some running.

Gross become an internet sensation after posting a video of him doing the same trick in 2013 to terrify passersby which is a success obviously. What a way to make a ‘come back’ prank this time around too.

Watch the video and see for yourself:

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I would freak out if this happens to me. How about you? Let us know through your comments and don’t forget to hit share.


Lucky Couple Surprised By ‘Prank It FWD’ At The Movies. The BEST Prank Ever!

Couple surprised by Prank It FWD. Prank for good.

We think pranks are no good since we often get the bad ones. On the other hand, the reality series 'Prank It FWD' presented by Break are 'pranks for good.' These are positive pranks for a good cause and a campaign for charity. One of the best pranks happened to this lucky couple who deserves nothing but the life's finest.

Ellaine and Mario met on the set of a zombie movie the former was making. The two later on fell in love and a wedding proposal came right after. Their love story was almost a happy ending until Ellaine was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 30. The couple was devastated but it only made their relationship stronger. They have been setting aside their wedding plans for six years now because of Ellaine's condition. Despite the hardships, the two remain together.

The couple are big movie buffs and through the help of 'Prank It FWD', they are in for a huge surprise. Ellaine thought that it was only the usual date night with Mario at the movies until the unexpected happens. I won't be revealing everything so go check out the video below and see for yourself.

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Pranksters in Trouble After Cops Heard They Were Selling “COKE” in the Car.

This is pretty funny.


When a group of teens started asking people if they needed coke because they had some at the back of their van, a number soon began to suspiciously watch them. With no takers to buy their wares – for they were selling out in the open at the beach, in broad daylight – the teens were forlorn.

Then, the cops arrived because someone had reported their suspicious activity…and they were soon questioned.

Naturally, they acted like they didn’t have an idea why the police officers were there, giving monosyllabic answers to the questions asked. They would probably have gotten away with their previous actions if they stayed calm but one of them began to break down and blurted out how they had coke at the back but it was not really theirs.

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Aspiring Models Tricked into Doing Commercial for Poop-Scented Perfume!

This gives a whole new meaning to “eau de toilette.”

Making it to the A-List of the modelling and fashion industry is quite a challenge. Factors such as exquisite beauty and exceptional talent are most often considered. However, some aspiring models, in spite of having these qualities, are not that lucky to be able to break into the business.

For commercial models, getting their first big break is like finding a needle in a haystack, as they often have to go through a lot of crappy projects before they ever get 'noticed'.

For this reason, a lot of promising talents join contests to prove that they have what it takes to be part of the industry. Unfortunately, some are tricked into joining pranks. VAT19 pulled the ultimate test for aspiring models, as this group literally offered a 'shitty' job by doing an ad for a new brand of perfume. This perfume, though, is described as 'Liquid Ass dumped into a fancy glass bottle.'

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