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Magician Splits Himself in Half Like it was Nothing in an Epic Elevator Prank.





Seems like pranks are everywhere these days and if you think the only thing you should be worried about is getting stuck in an elevator, think again. Not unless if you are the type who find this rather entertaining.

Andy Gross, a comedian, magician and ventriloquist pulled off another prank where he splits his body in half and this time he does it where one can’t easily get away of–inside the elevator. The illusion or magic trick frightens almost everyone and their reactions range from screaming to cursing and some running.

Gross become an internet sensation after posting a video of him doing the same trick in 2013 to terrify passersby which is a success obviously. What a way to make a ‘come back’ prank this time around too.

Watch the video and see for yourself:

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I would freak out if this happens to me. How about you? Let us know through your comments and don’t forget to hit share.

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