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Meet The Man Who Doesn’t Take No For An Answer. Enviously AMAZING!

Watch this bodybuilder with one arm destroy all your gym-skipping excuses…

Bernadette Carillo





You may have watched same old flicks to boost your momentum on doing vital workouts and other fitness programs but this fitness story will change your perspective on motivation—just enviously amazing!

From pull-ups to planks and dips, Luke Ericson may appear a typical hot bodybuilder. Wait until you take a closer glance that you get to appreciate how uniquely powerful he really is.

Ericson was born with his left arm, and most of his left lung missing. It was not so long ago when he was also diagnosed with severe scoliosis as well as Type 1 Diabetes throughout his life. Despite the physical challenges, it was in November when he and his friend Andrew Rizer (also a videographer) started documenting his rigorous workouts to prove that disabilities are never road blockers from achieving a better version of yourself.

As a child, Ericson insisted on being independent, refusing to take the easy way out. Now that he has reached adulthood, he regularly does the extreme stuff like hiking, rock climbing, swimming, surfing and training at his Hawaii home. As a matter of fact, he and his buddy are all set to break records with a new 10-minute film charting his preparation prior to the Wodapalooza Fitness Festival in Miami.
Kudos to Luke, he just might be the next one in a million trendsetters that can change the way of thinking towards a disability!

Hawaiian Luke Ericson was born with his left arm and most of his left lung missing.


Photo credit: dailymotion

Inspite having a disability, he kept optimistic and went for the challenge of becoming fit. Later on, he was also diagnosed with severe scoliosis as well as Type 1 Diabetes throughout his life. Naturally, those didn’t stop him either!

For Ericson, there’s no other way than going up. BRAVO!


Photo credit: youtube
Watch his Video Here:


Photo credit: Luke Ericson

Credits: Luke Ericson

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Mother and Daughter Took THIS 100-Day Challenge to Lose Weight. The Result? Incredible!

If you have 100 days, what life-changing move would you do? This mother-daughter tandem has the perfect idea!

Inah Garcia



Being overweight is one of the most common struggles people are facing today. Aside from being physically disturbed, it causes low self-esteem and possible health problems. While many people would want to lose weight, not all are committed in doing so. Because reality is, it is not easy to get up, exercise, diet and completely change one's lifestyle. This is why we were completely stunned when we came across the story of this mother-daughter tandem who shared their weight loss journey together.

Cheryl Shaw, a 50 year old single mother who is overweight was worried that her teenage daughter Tessa is starting to gain some weight too. She doesn't want her daughter to tread her path and continue to lead an unhealthy life. So they decided to accept the 100-day challenge of the website GiveIt100, where people upload videos of their weight loss journey. They were so inspired that they mapped out their plan as follows: to eat right, exercise and basically live healthy for 100 days.

The hardest part of undergoing weight loss programs is not getting adequate support, and journeying through it alone. Cheryl and Tessa understand this very well that is why they serve as each other's supporters and cheer-me-uppers throughout the process. Cheryl told Women's Health magazine,

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15-Yr Old Kid Invents Innovative Solution to Prevent Alzheimer’s Patients from Wandering.

He came up with the idea from a daydream!

Bernadette Carillo



At last, after several years of scientific drastic research and keen inventions to heighten the needed visibility and recognition to Alzheimer’s, the journey to its solution is finally here!

Thanks to Kenneth Shinozuka, only a 15-year-old student and winner of the third annual $50,000 Scientific American Science in Action Award powered by the Google Science Fair, his brilliant mind gets to brag his genius invention made possible in just a daydream—the SafeWander.

This is Kenneth Shinozuka, the 15-year-old who invented a device called SafeWander.


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An Artist Made a Military Tank That Delivers Free Books to Promote Reading

He called it “weapon of mass instruction”.

Mini Malabanan



An innovative artist from Buenos Aires decided to transform a vintage 1979 Ford Falcon into a military tank to become a “weapon of mass instruction”.

Raul Lemesoff, who worked on the eccentric project for several years, created a tank armoured with built-in shelves which can hold up to 900 books inside and outside the vehicle. The artist’s mobile library is used to distribute books in rural communities as well as urban centers across Argentina.

With a mission to combat ignorance and spread knowledge, Lemesoff only expects one thing from the recipients of his books: to read it.

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