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Relaxing In Long Hot Bath Is Equivalent To A 30-Minute Walk, Researchers Claim

This may be a faster way to burn those calories away!


Having a hard time shedding those excess fat from your body? Well it looks like the answer doesn’t have to be a complicated one at all. According to researchers, spending time in hot baths may be equivalent to a 30-minute walk.

Sounds too good to be true, you say? Well listen up since scientists have some interesting information to back it up.

Getting in shape may not be as difficult, if you take your sweet time in the bathroom.

Source: Essentials

The research, conducted by scientists from the Loughborough University, shared that they observed 14 men in two experiments. The first one required them to spend 1 hour each riding a bicycle. For the second experiment, they were asked to relax in a 40-degree celcius hot bath for 1 hour.

Although cycling burned more calories, hot baths also helped shed 130 calories – which is almost the exact amount of calories people will lose on a 30-minute walk.

Warm baths not only burn calories but likewise increases your metabolic rate.

Source: Civilized

Furthermore, the scientists also tell us that hot baths result in metabolic rate increase which is the rate at which the body burns the calories up. This makes weight loss an easier goal to achieve for those who take time to relax in hot baths on a regular basis.

Scientists also monitored the participants’ blood sugar for 24 hours and observed something significant.

Source: GQ India

The findings confirmed that peak blood sugar was at least 10% lower when the bath was taken compared to going on a bike ride.

So far, the scientists are saying that more information is needed for the research.

As R. Leiby, a Virgin Active personal trainer, added:

“Weight loss is all about a calorie deficit. There will be some benefits such as reducing inflammation and decreasing blood sugar slightly but again it all comes back to the fact that the best method is always, always, always proper training mixed with a good diet and enough sleep – all these other ways are just crap compared to that.”


Spending Time With Your Parents Can Extend Their Lives, Study Says

They never left your side when you were young. Shouldn’t you do the same now that they are frail and old?

While a hectic schedule is often the common excuse of children for not being able to spend time with their aging parents, those who want their mothers and fathers to live longer should exert more effort to be with them. After all, a study has revealed that the life expectancy of aging people can be extended if they are kept company.

The study, conducted at the University of California in San Francisco, delved into the correlation between loneliness and functional decline in older adults. As a result of the study, it was revealed that companionship can help extend and improve the quality of aging adults' lives.

Research has revealed that old people who have companions live longer and enjoy improved quality of life.

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Nepalese Festival Honors, Celebrates, and Worships Dogs

Definitely a better festival than China’s Yulin Festival!

There’s a festival in Nepal that celebrates its people’s friendship with dogs. As these furry animals are very much ingrained in the culture of the Nepalese, it is easy to comprehend why dogs are made to feel extra special on this day.

Known as Nepal’s version of the Diwali (the Hindu festival of lights), the annual Tihar Festival is a a five-day celebration that honors gift-giving, storytelling and strong relationships. As the Hindu culture has placed a great deal of value on dogs, the second day of Tihar, otherwise known as Kukur Tihar, is celebrated to give thanks to pets and stray dogs for the friendship and loyalty they have to humans.

Nepalese people believe that dogs are the guard of the gates in the afterlife.

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Dogs Don’t Feel Guilty After Misbehaving, Expert Claims

Guilt is not behind those puppy eyes and apologetic behavior!

While it is believed that dogs feel a sense of guilt after doing something that falls in the bad graces of their owners, a dog expert has revealed that it is not exactly the case. So, if a dog appears to be apologetic after doing something it should not be doing, what emotion does it feel if not remorse?

Dog owners know too well that allowing their pets to stay inside the house can mean broken shoes, slippers, remote controls, or pillows. Although the so-called “pawrents” can easily forgive their pets once they display their irresistible “puppy eyes” and pair it with an act of bowing as if they were admitting their guilt and feeling sorry for it, a dog cognition scientist , Dr. Alexandra Horowitz, has revealed that dogs don’t feel regret at all for their misbehavior. Rather, once a dog owner raises his voice after a dog has done something that warrants some scolding, it is fear that the poor animal feels, not guilt.

Dogs actually feel fear, rather than guilt, when scolded by their owners.

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