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Local Physicians Firmly Believe There is Nothing Wrong with This Boy’s Weight





For every day that has gone by, a new health complication is being introduced. Of the many newly widespread complications these days, childhood obesity has to be one of the most baffling and yet not everyone is aware enough to put an end to its rise. Who would have thought that an adult complication, such as obesity caused mostly by overeating, could also be adapted by children?

Meet Arya Permana

Arya Permana

Source: adtubeindia

The 10 year – old local Indonesian boy holds the current record for being the fattest child in the world. Living in the village of Cipurwasari in West Java, Indonesia with his mother, Rokayah Somantri, and father, Adi Somantri, who could imagine that a kid like him would have such an overwhelming appetite to gain a massive weight of 192 kg.

Arya could eat up to five meals in a day and these aren’t just small pica-pica meals. These are food combinations that could are considered massive enough to feed two insanely hungry men per meal. His appetite begun at the age of two and it has continued to develop until he reached 192 kg with alarming signs of health deterioration, including immobility, palpitation and shortage of breath.

Fearing the incoming fatality to their son’s well – being, the couple sought consultation to their local physicians. When they finally came to, they were met with a conclusion that shocked, bothered and frustrated them even more. Their local doctors believe that there is NOTHING WRONG with Arya and that they find him as a NORMAL child experiencing a growth spurt. As if what they said were not baffling enough, they added that if the parents still believed that there’s something wrong with Arya, they should go out on their own and seek for professionals to check on their son.

Arya Permana 2


Forced to the edge with this unarguable predicament, the family lived within their means all these time and knew that they lacked the resources to pay for professional help. And so, the couple did what they could only do in order to improve the health of their son – forced diet. With just a reasonable amount of brown rice, Arya will now have to discipline himself with his food intake – eating only what the body needs and not what his appetite desires. Hopefully, this method would bring a change to a recognition not worth having.

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