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In China, Live Animals Stuffed Inside Plastic are Sold as Keychains

Definitely sick!


Dead stuffed animals are popular. People preserve them to keep what’s left of them when they pass on, like if these were pets or a hunting prize, or for academic purposes.

However, it’s totally different in China. They stuff live animals, put them in plastic key chains, and eat them once they die!

Yes, you read that right.

Live animals like turtles, salamanders, fish and frogs are sealed in a plastic container and sold as key chains in China’s streets.


These live animals like turtles, fish and lizards are put inside sealed plastic with enough oxygen for them to survive for days or weeks. But they don’t usually live that long, these animal only last for days because of oxygen deprivation.

These keychains are said to have enough oxygen for these creatures to live for weeks.


Photo credit: Imgur

Why do they buy them? Some people say they hang them for good luck, others, just to make a fashion statement. Whatever reason they have, it still is sick!

They are believed to bring good luck to whoever hangs them


Photo credit: Imgur

What’s even worse is that when these animals die, the sealed plastic is opened and they microwave the poor animals for them too eat! Could they be anymore sick?

Once they die, these plastic containers are opened and the poor creature is microwaved for them to eat.


Photo credit: Imgur

This practice has been making a buzz for many years now, and with China having no particular animal protection law, this may continue until the coming years.

Sad as it may seem, this practice has been going on for years.


Photo credit: Imgur

Poor little animals. How would these people feel if they were the ones stuffed inside these sealed plastic containers.

Definitely sick!



This 13-Year-Old Girl’s Leg Shrivels and Rots Due to Snakebite!

An unidentified girl’s leg turned severely necrotic a month after a venomous snake bit her.

Venezuela-- an unidentified 13-year-old girl's leg became severely necrotic due to a venomous snakebite.

The picture below, posted by an Instagram user named "juventudmedica", shows how the girl's affected leg had shriveled and turned black as the muscle tissues "rot".

Reports say that she was first treated with classic rural remedies, which probably meant that she was administered with antibiotics. However, she only sought appropriate medical treatment at Carcaras a month after the incident.

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French Woman Tragically Died after Tandem Bunjee Jump Went Horribly Wrong

What an awful death!


For people seeking thrill and adventure, bunjee jumping is one activity that gives a different kind of ecstasy and excitement.

However, this was not the case for a supposed couple who tried tandem bunjee jumping in  Domaine de la Carriere in Audincthun, which is a famous attraction in France.

The unidentified 28-year-old woman was declared dead after falling from a 65-meter-high crane. A man believed to be her boyfriend sustained very serious injuries and is currently being treated at the University College hospital in Lille.

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Man Discovers Woman Secretly Living Inside the Vent of His Apartment, Shocking!

The woman secretly lived inside the vent and went out every night to steal food and go through his stuff.

Our home is our refuge; it is that one place where we are supposed to feel safe. So, how would you react if you found out that a stranger can come and go inside your home in the middle of the night and not even know it?

Joe Cummings had been wondering why his food seemed to vanish from his apartment. At first, he thought that it was just his girlfriend who's been eating them.  But when she told him that she had nothing to do with it, he decided to place a hidden camera in his house to find out who the culprit is once and for all.

Imagine the shock he felt when the camera captured  a woman coming out of the small vent in his flat! The woman steals his food and goes through his stuff every night. She even urinates in his sink!

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