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Man at the Gym Tries to Show Off at the Leg Press, Suffers a Horrific Injury!





It’s only normal to go on beast mode at the gym, especially for guys. The gym is like a competitive jungle where people try to outdo themselves and others for fitness supremacy. You see men stacking up the weights on them barbells and then lifting them, sweating and grunting to show that hell yeah, they are the shiz.

It goes without saying that there’s nothing wrong with lifting as heavy as you can (that’s the whole point of toiling at the gym, duh) BUT you have to practice proper form and posture or else you gonna suffer the ugly consequences, like what happened to this guy right here.

So there he was, doing his stuff at the leg press. Stacks of weight was pressed against his legs. From the looks of it, he was not yet ready for that much heavy; his legs are still a bit thin, but still he went for it. Sh*t happened when he lifted his upper body a little to look at his legs; his left knee buckled and you can already imagine what happened next. The cardinal rule of leg press is that you NEVER bend your knees. NEVER.

Watch the video and see what happened:

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OUCH. I literally winced when I saw that SNAP. I don’t want to imagine the state of his knee at that moment.

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So next time you are on testosterone overload at the gym, take good care of yourself. NEVER underestimate proper form and technique. You don’t want to suffer an injury that can take you off the gym permanently!

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