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These People Actually Consented to Let Doctors Break Their Legs… Unbelievable!





How far would you go to look better?

These people actually agreed to have their legs broken just to get taller. See, they have this medical procedure called leg lengthening, which is just the thing for those who are incredibly insecure with their height. Yes, you have to be really insecure if you agree to have your legs physically broken by a doctor and have a rod inserted in and around them. I don’t know about you, but that sounds excruciatingly painful. I could use a few inches of height, but no thank you. I’d rather wear platform shoes.

I mean, just look at this.

You lie down and the doctor takes your legs and BREAKS them.


Photo credit: Short Support
As if that weren’t painful enough, he inserts those mean-looking rods around your shattered legs.


Photo credit: Hindustan Times
This lunacy is what it takes to extend your damn legs.


Photo credit: Natural Height Growth

As you go through three months of procedure plus several months of physical therapy, the metal rod in your leg pulls the bones apart as they heal.

It was originally intended for those with dwarfism.


Photo credit: Apotheosis

Leg strengthening procedure was created for people afflicted with uneven leg growth or dwarfism, as well as people who feel that they are below average height.

The process is extremely painful and it’ll cost you a whooping $85,000!


Photo credit: bymelcummings

So what do you have to give in return for a few inches of extra height? Well, there’s the incredible pain, of course. You can’t take anti-inflammatory painkillers because it inhibits bone growth. You also have to pay around $85,000. Crazy.

Watch the video:

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Patients who have undergone the procedure say that the pain and the medical bills are worth it because the extra height gives them added self-confidence. I don’t understand it, but hey, it’s their body and cash.

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