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18 Least Helpful But Most Hilarious Police Sketches You’ll Ever See


One can only imagine the pure talent a composite sketch artist has. Just think about how these artists can amazingly recreate a person – the criminal – through details provided by the eyewitnesses. That said, a good quality facial composite is important to help track down a perpetrator and hopefully solve the crime.

However, there are times that things could go wrong and the sketch ends up looking less like a human. It’s also in the way an eyewitness conveys the information. In that case, if the details were not properly explained, the sketch will turn out to be a disaster and the artist can’t really do much in helping solve a crime. The sketches you’ll see below are the least helpful – but totally hilarious — you would wonder where the police got them.

#1. One would wonder if he approved of that sketch.

#2. The hair is just about right.

#3. Electrified!

#4. You wouldn’t believe if we told you this sketch led to the capture of a suspect in Bolivia.

#5. Looks like a guy from another planet.

#6. Obviously, this man has thick eyebrows.

#7. Thanks, but how do you think the police will ever find this guy?

#8. Should you be scared or should you laugh?

#9. I’m pretty sure someone would recognize those lips.

#10. Be on the lookout for a ninja.

#11. Looks like this guy’s been through Microsoft Paint.

#12. Feminine vs. Masculine

#13. This guy definitely has beautiful hair. Go on, be on a lookout.

#14. Seems like the suspect is tired. So not helpful.

#15. Your worst nightmare.

#16. A game avatar would definitely not help, now would it?

#17. His favorite accessory is the scarf.

#18. This guy is wanted for stealing mushrooms and coins from bricks.

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