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Lazy Persons Can Save The World, According to the UN





So, as most of the world’s population know, climate change has done more damage than what scientists expected. All these global issues are damaging the only planet we have and yet only a few of us care to make a difference. Maybe, some do not know how they can help yet.

Change starts within ourselves and we hope to make a difference by influencing others to take baby steps now. You don’t even have to make grand gestures to contribute to the preservation of our planet. You don’t even have to wish you could travel to help all eco-warriors in their mission. Start from your couch. Then your home. Then your work. Little things add up to big results. Thanks to the UN, here’s a guide on how even the laziest person can help Mother Earth.

#1. Help the planet from your couch.

Save energy. Plugging appliances and even your computer to a power strip and turning them off completely when not in use saves electricity, energy, and money. One plug to unplug.

Save trees by saying NO to paper bank statements and paper receipts. You can make so much more out of the internet than just socialize, you can check your bank account and details and pay online.

Do not limit yourself to just liking posts you see. If you feel the need to share it, SHARE. Your network will be more than glad to have updates or interesting facts about global issues.

Get involved in your community. Participate in activities such as clean-ups, you can also speak up and ask the local government to help your group make it successful.

Be responsible in social media. Report fake news, bullying, and anything inappropriate online. If you see an account frequently posting such, report the profile to put a stop to it.

Make yourself aware of your carbon footprint and make a change. You can calculate your carbon footprint, you can use the UN’s carbon footprint calculator.

#2. Save the environment from your home.

Make sure that the load is full every time you wash your clothes. This will help you save energy. You can also air-dry your laundry. Just hang them up on your clothesline.

Take short showers instead of bubble baths. Bathtubs require more amount of water compared to five to ten-minute showers.

Freeze leftovers and take-aways. If you don’t feel like eating it the next day, save them in the freezer. This will save you money and time after you heat it up in the microwave.

Compostin food scraps. Composting help reduce climate impact and, at the same time, recycles nutrients.

Recycling efforts. Recycling stacked papers, grocery store plastic, glass, tins, and many more helps stop landfills from growing.

Reduce packaged goods purchase. Buying minimally packaged goods helps you have lesser trash to dispose of and minimizes the chances of plastic ending in the ocean.

Plug any room’s air leaks as this will increase energy efficiency. You can also adjust your thermostat to save energy: lower in winter and higher during summer.

Save money and energy. You can do this by replacing old appliances with energy-efficient models. This also applies to lightbulbs.

Choose environment-friendly essentials. Diapers and pads are necessities but you can always choose an environmentally responsible disposable brand or better yet, use cloth diapers, menstrual cups, or cloth pads!

#3. Work as a community to save Earth.

Support local farmers. Nowadays, local farmers are having a hard time selling their goods compared to big establishments. Buy from and support local businesses. This helps minimize carbon footprints as lesser transport is used to deliver imported goods.

Buy funny-shaped veggies and fruits. These veggies are mostly put to waste because they may not have the right color, shape, or size.

When eating out and ordering seafood, ask if they serve sustainable seafood. Make sure to voice out that ocean-friendly seafood is on your shopping list.

Take a walk or ride a bike if you are going somewhere near. Help lessen carbon footprint when you take a stroll or bike to work. You can also take public transport and save car trips for a bigger number of people.

Bring your own bottle or containers when shopping. Refillable bottles and coffee cups will cut down waste and maybe save you money when you buy from the local coffee shop. When you go shopping, bring reusable and refillable containers and your own bag.

Most vintage items are cheap. Prefer to shop them and make it stand out by repurposing it.

Donate. If you have a lot of stuff lying around and taking up space. Give them to someone who can make use of it rather than just dumping it and leaving it to rot.

Vaccination also helps. Make sure to have yourself and family vaccinated to aid public health.

Elect leaders who fear of losing earth to man-made disasters. They will be more open to supporting you for green projects.

#4. Be mother nature’s hero from work!

If you happen to have an unwanted fruit or snack that you do not like, do not throw it out. Give it to someone else or those who might need it more.

Make sure you stand up for your rights. Check your workplace if everyone has access to healthcare.

Help and mentor younger people, it always counts when you guide someone to a better tomorrow.

Working women earn ten to thirty percent less than men while doing the same work. Voice out and help women achieve equal pay for the same amount of work.

Around the globe, there is more or less than four billion people who do not have access to sanitation. Sign a petition and voice out about the lack of toilets in other communities.

Check if your company is invested in clean and resilient infrastructure. This is the only way to keep you and other workers safe and protecting the environment at the same time.

Fight against any type of discrimination in your workplace. Make sure that everyone is treated equally regardless of their sexuality, race, social background, and physical abilities. Ensure that you will have justice by knowing your workplace rights.

Supporting a good cause. Check with your company if they can help you reach out to the government to support Paris Agreement.

Go paperless! As much as possible, go for a paperless work environment.

If you can, recycle at work! Old papers can be reused for so many things.

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