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This “Land of the Strays” is Paradise for Dogs and Dog Lovers Alike





If you’re a dog lover, then this place might just be for you.

Labeled as “Territorio de Zaguates” or “Land of the Strays”, the sanctuary is a “No-Kill Zone” located in the mountainous region of Santa Barbara in Heredia province, Costa Rica. The volunteer-run organization has been providing sanctuary to hundreds of dogs for the past nine years. To date, it shelters around 900 dogs and other animals such as cats.

Now imagine that number of dogs in one place, wouldn’t that be a nightmare to manage? Well, apparently not, according to the organization. All dogs they take in are sterilized, vaccinated, and dewormed. Dogs which require special attention, such as those with malnutrition or skin conditions, are separated and treated.

The dogs have their own enclosed facilities, but they are allowed to roam around the mountainous areas with visitors and volunteers.


Watch this amazing video of “Territorio de Zaguates”:

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If you’re interested in visiting the sanctuary, visitors are allowed to schedule a walking hike with dogs, but it is encouraged to schedule in advance. You may contact the organization through their email at [email protected] or through their website.

Source: Upworthy, Chron

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