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Kmart Australia’s New Vacuum For Kids Enables Them To Play And Clean At The Same Time

Kmart Australia has introduced a new vacuum toy that boasts the capacity to pick-up dirt.

Kmart Vacuum Toy
  • Kmart Australia unveiled a vacuum toy for kids that lets them play and clean at the same time.
  • This new $25 toy is aimed at children 3 years old and above.
  • It comes with a realistic sound and suction.

Many parents are always on the lookout of ways on how to teach their children some simple chores, such as cleaning the floor. Dads and moms might be interested to know that Kmart, a well-renowned Australian budget retailer, has made a cordless vacuum for children – and it’s now available in the market.

It’s good to note that this toy vacuum actually has the capacity to pick-up dirt. The said product is available for sale at $25.

Kmart Australia toy vacuum

Aimed for kids 3 years old and above, this toy requires three 1.5V AA batteries. It’s also worth-mentioning that the toy is akin to a real vacuum as it comes with a realistic “buzzing” sound as well as suction capabilities.

The said toy also features multiple attachments and a fancy dirt compartment that can be easily opened.

toy vacuum

Additionally, the product description says that it boasts swirling action, making this toy more exciting to play with.

“Get your little one excited about doing household chores with this realistic cordless toy vacuum,” reads the product description of this toy.

Kmart likewise specified this item is intended “for role-play only,” although it’s different from other toy vacuums that just make sounds and just light-up.

While most of these are usually targeted at girls, this product from Kmart features a boy on its packaging, making this item even more interesting. According to some netizens, the vacuum veers away from gender stereotypes. Those who wish to purchase this product should know that it is now available in-store and online.

Of course, people were quick to compare this toy vacuum with fun-sized trolleys for kids that Lidl pushed out on the market in an effort to help children to become more involved in supermarket shopping.

The Commercial Director of Lidl UK Ryan McDonnel said that the company is continuously looking for ways to make shopping more engaging and interesting for children.


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