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Meet Kina Shen, The Living, Breathing Instafamous Porcelain Doll From China





Most people remember Valeria Lukyanova, the Ukrainian model who went through multiple surgeries to achieve that perfect doll-like look. There are many others like her who have doll-like features and one is from China named Kina Shen.

Shen is a young Chinese model from Shenzen, China who has become famous on Instagram for her porcelain doll-like look. Since she started on Instagram in 2013, the beauty has amassed countless followers. When you look at her photos it’s hard to tell if you’re really looking at an actual person.

Meet Kina Shen!

She’s a young Chinese model who has become famous for her doll-like looks.

She’s now an Instagram sensation, having garnered numerous followers for her stunning photos.

There are a lot of girls that would do anything just to have Kina’s look…

But only a few can pull off a look as greatly as she does.

Shen is somehow blessed with the doll-like facial features…

And she’s got flawless skin to complement her look, too.

Plus she’s a talented makeup artist.

And a Sims 4 character has been made based on her!

Some people are not convinced that Kina Shen is a real human being. But she doesn’t hide away and leave people wondering about her existence. For those who are in denial, Kina is actually a real person and she even posts videos of herself on YouTube doing her makeup.

Most of her pictures have dark gothic themes.

And she totally rocks that gothic girl look.

When Kina is not putting on makeup, she is equally gorgeous.

Here’s a picture of her — a make-up free Kina.

And here she says she sometimes looks like a boy.

Another make-up free selfie from when she was recovering from an illness.

Kina said that some people argue she’s not Chinese because she doesn’t look like one. However, in one of her Instagram posts, she said that she is 100% pure Chinese, just like her mom. It’s just that she uses heavy makeup to achieve her look.

Check out Kina Shen’s big eye makeup tutorial in this video.

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