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Quintuplet Mom Does 50 Nappy Changes, 40 Milk Bottles A Day





Kim and Vaughn Tucci, a couple based in Perth, Australia, wanted to have just one more child to add to their two daughters and Kim’s son from a past relationship. Kim later conceived but much to their surprise, they eventually found out they’re going to have not one but five kids at the same time!

This was nothing short of a miracle for the two, especially since Kim has two health problems – endometriosis and polycystic ovaries, conditions that could possibly lead to infertility.

We can just imagine their happiness and shock when the doctor told them the ultrasound shows five heartbeats inside Kim’s womb.

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It was a huge blessing for the two which, undoubtedly, entailed a huge responsibility as well.

The months that followed weren’t easy but the anticipation was well worth it when they finally welcomed their five new bundles of joy.

Son Keith and daughters, Allie, Beatrix, Penelope, and Tiffany.

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In an interview with 7 News Sydney, Kim happily shared:

“We have five times the first smiles, the first giggles, the first time they look at you lovingly.”

Of course, having five babies at once isn’t all about sun shines – it definitely involves a lot of work!

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For their part, that means about 50 nappies to change and 40 bottles to prepare every single day.

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The family is grateful for the help of family, friends, and even strangers who lend a hand as they strive to fulfill these basic baby care tasks.

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Because really, it is pretty challenging.

As Kim put it:

“Even if we give an hour to each child, that’s seven hours a day. And you still got house work, [grocery] shopping…”

Vaughn added:

“And you’ve still got to eat.”

Watch this video interview with Kim:

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If you think you’re already too busy as a parent, that’s probably nothing compared with what the Tuccis are going through.

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