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Kid is Upset Over Hillary’s Announcement to Run for President.





While some democrats are rejoicing after Hillary Clinton’s recent announcement that she will run for presidency in 2016, and while other feminists are rooting for her to become the first female president of the United States, this little boy doesn’t seem pleased at all after hearing the said news.

Zeke’s sentiment is that he couldn’t run for president because Hillary is. He didn’t see it coming, I guess. Now he is so upset about his ‘candidacy’ being ‘at stake’ that he couldn’t stop crying while holding his pacifier. Poor child. When asked about why everyone should vote for him, he said in all honesty, “Because I want to run for president.” Plain and Simple. He might have mistaken the ‘White House’ for a ‘playhouse.’ 

For all we know, this kid could be anyone’s rival for the presidency in the future. But for now, let’s give Clinton and her opponents a good and honest election while this adorable kid enjoys his ‘toys and play,’ just like he said.

Watch the hilarious video:

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This kid has a lot of spunk, though. I was torn between feeling sorry and ‘half laughing’ because of his ‘epic’ reaction. Cuteness guaranteed!

Credits: Erin Celello, Someecards, Digg

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